Bharathi kannamma 28th December 2020 Written Update: Soundarya question Tulasi

Bharathi kannamma 28th December 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Tulasi and Kannamma are talking each other. Lakshmi comes there running and informs to her that she saw many birds in one house. All types of birds are there. Its looking very beautiful. Its make her feel like she is in village. Kannamma question her where were she roamed these many time? Lakshmi replies she went to play there but stopped seeing that birds. She drinks water.

Kannamma ask to her why didn’t she come back and drink water early. She ask her to leave this topic and answer to her when will she come to hospital? Kannamma thinks a while. She says to her let’s go to another hospital. Lakshmi deny it and says she might see the doctor whom visited the village he will give free medicine to her. Kannamma nods. Tulasi ask to Kannamma why did she hesitating to go to that doctor when he offers free medicine?

Kannamma informs to Tulasi that doctor is none other but Bharathi. Tulasi gets surprised hearing it. Kannamma says to her how did Bharathi visited her village for medical camp and Lakshmi met him and got his visiting card. Kannamma added that she even saw Soundarya too there but she has no dare to meet her yet. Tulasi replies its an tough situation.

Tulasi returning to home from work after buying school bag for lakshmi. Soundarya notice her and stop the car. She stops Tulasi and questions her well about? Tulasi replies to her as good. She ask to her about baby? She replies she has no baby. Soundarya ask her about Kannamma? Did she see her anywhere or in contact with her? Tulasi remind how did Kannamma hides from Soundarya. She lies to Soundarya that she didn’t meet her.

Soundarya feels emotional by taking Kannamma name and shares about Hema to her. She leaves. Tulasi apologise to her in mind for hiding the truth. Lakshmi informs to Tulasi that Kannamma didn’t reach home yet. Kannamma comes lately she informs to Lakshmi that she met an doctor. She lies to her that Bharathi went to tour.

Venba staring her marriage costume pics. She curse Soundarya for stopping her marriage 8 years before orelse she may end up having two babies in this time. She dials to Bharathi. Hema don’t like her calling him. She ask him to come out. He too agree to meet her out. Hema is glaring him.

Episode end.