Bharathi kannamma 28th November 2020 Written Update: Kannamma is helpless

Bharathi kannamma 28th November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Venba advising Bharathi to go for a trip to relax his mind. She ask him to switch off his mobile and go alone in his car then no one will disturb him he can able to spend his time peacefully. But how much he will run he might return back to his house right?

As per her knowledge she has only one solution for this problem. Bharathi ask to her what is it? Venba ask him to marry again. Bharathi makes faces and says to her how is it possible? Venba advise to him that its the only way to cure him.

 Now his parents bring one baby to his house and ask him to take care of her as a father. After that they will say that baby need a mom so they will bring Kannamma back to home and force him to live with her. Bharathi is bit confused.

He may can think how will he marry another one when he didn’t even get divorce? Bharathi stare her. Venba added that Kannamma betrayed him and gave birth to a someone else baby? She choose her own life and enjoying it every bit of it. Then why did Bharathi should suffer this all alone? He can also move on right? If he marry someonelse then he can get a peaceful life and make her regret.

Bharathi ask to her whom will marry him in this state? Venba blushes and says to him that she is ready to marry him. Bharathi gets up and stare her in questioning way. Venba says to him that she was the only one understood him thoroughly she knew well about him why should he suffer alone? She can console him whenever he was in mess state?

 He is a good person he shouldn’t waste his life like this. She really likes him as a friend she wish to help him in this matter. Bharathi didn’t utter any word and leaves from there. Venba feels happy for sharing her feelings to him directly. She thinks that Bharathi comes to her one day and ask her to marry him.

Soundarya caressing Hema. She informs to Venu that her friend called her from Hyderabad. She too helped us a lot in my business. Her daughter and son marriage gonna perform in same date in Hyderabad so she invited us to attend it. Venu replies to her we must go and attend the function they are very important person.

 Soundarya says to him that she is hesitate to go because she fears who will take care of Hema in her absence? Venu ask to her doesn’t we have enough members in our family to take care of this baby? Soundarya says to him that Bharathi and Akhil used to go out for work there is no guarantee when will they return back?

 Anjali won’t take care of Hema she is damn sure of it. Then Nimmi she is good for nothing even don’t know to do household work here she doubts why she is here? Only she can ask Arivu to take care of Hema. Arivu comes there Soundarya request to Arivu to take care of baby behalf of her reasoning her Hyderabad visit. Arivu assures to her she will take care of her.

Kannamma is packing the lunch box and gives to Tulasi. She ask her to take the amount. She says to her she knew well if she didn’t take the amount then she will leave the house so she will accept it. There is nothing to hide anymore to her.

 Except one by saying she shares to Kannamma that one guy is staring her often whenever he comes and go. It seems he gonna propose her soon. Kannamma wish her good luck. She leaves bids bye to her. Kannamma fills milk in bottle and about to give to her baby she finds her baby is not moving. She tries to wakes her up but went in vain. She checked her with doctor.

Kannamma is tensed seeing her state. Doctor ask to her did she take proper treatment on her pregnancy? She nods as no. Then he ask about food? She replies as no. Doctor says to her that her baby had hole in heart. Kannamma was taken back hearing it. She ask him to do the surgery immediately. He informs to her that she wanna pay 2lakhs for the operation. Kannamma worried for money and leaves from there assuring to doctor she will be back with money. She dials to Durga but he is not available. She decides to meet Soundarya but Bharathi words striken her mind so give up that idea and decides to get money from other source.

Episode end.