Bharathi Kannamma 30th December written update: Akhil find out Kannamma

Bharathi Kannamma 30th December written update on

Today episode starts with Akhil and Anjali are watching the photos in the laptop. Anjali is saying to him that she is looking beautiful in all photoes. He is asking to her how could he admire her own pictures this much? She asking to him why did he jealous to see her admiring her own pictures? Akhil says to her that morning taking selfie and uploading in insta noon taking and uploading in facebook and evening in watsp. This is what she doing. She glares him. Her friend calls her she attend the phone. Akhil says to her may its her mom she deny it and says as friend calling from US. He ask her to give space to him and checking the photoes. Anjali keeps talking to her in phone about get together.

Venu saw Soundarya lost in her deep thought. He ask to her what’s the matter? She says to him that we used to divert Hema always when ever she ask about her mom. But how many days she can able to do this? One day definitely we gonna say truth to her. Venu says that Venba is danger she kept those photoes safely yet it means she didn’t forget that incident and still hanging there. Soundarya agree with it. She says to him that we wanna seperate Bharathi from her that’s the only solution. Venu ask to her how many days Bharathi gonna spend his life alone? Soundarya replies to him don’t ask her to arrange his second marriage now she is not in the state to think about him but Hema. Venu says to her that its look like yesterday we brought Hema to home but she is 8 years old now. Not only Hema age added but Bharathi too. Soundarya says to him that she cares only about Kannamma and her baby. Doesn’t he support Kannamma before what happened to her? Velu says to her both situation are different. Now Kannamma went far away from them we have no idea about her yet? She replies to him that she will find her soon wherever she is? Venu ask her where will she search for her? She will find her soon.

Akhil checking all photoes and find Kannamma in that picture whom standing in the crowd. He zoom it and shouts for Soubdarya and Venu while saying he found out Kannamma. Anjali cuts the call frustrated hearing Kannamma name. She checked the photo and thinks this Soundarya will bring Kannamma to house. Soundarya and Venu saw the pictures and turns happy seeing it. She wish to search her and find her. She noticex her shop and remind Kannamma coughed inside and hides from her sight. She leaves to search for her but Bharathi stops her and question where is she going?

She lie to him that she going to attend an business meeting. Bharathi ask suggestion to her about Venba matter. She ask him to avoide her for some days. She leaves from there in hurry.

Episode end