Bharathi kannamma 31st July 2021 Written Update : Bharathi gifts a rose plant to Kannamma

Bharathi kannamma 31st July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Soundarya questions Bharathi what’s he doing here? Bharathi inform to her that his car is repair. Soundarya asks him to get inside the car she will drop him. Bharathi deny it. Soundarya tells him that somehow he will take auto or cab to go there she will drop him on the way. Bharathi nods with her and takes the plant in his hand. Soundarya questions him why did he brought this plants? He says its for his friend.

Soundarya teases him when did he starts gifting to his friends. Soundarya asks him to get inside the car. He locks his car and gets inside Soundarya’s car. Soundarya feels happy to see him. She asks him to say the direction to the driver. Bharathi thinks gets down from this car somehow. Soundarya questions him doesn’t he said he wanna go to some other place then what’s he doing in this area? Bharathi lies to her that his friend came to this area.

Soundarya teases him that he changed his area for him she asks him to invite him to her house. Bharathi asks him to stop near the petrol pump he will get down there. Soundarya says to him that she will drop him in his friend house. Bharathi says that his friend will pick him up. Soundarya drops him and says all the best to him. Soundarya leaves from there.

Kannamma is adoring Hema and Lakshmi playing with each other. Hema challenges Lakshmi to say tongue twister. Lakshmi says it well. Lakshmi asks Hema to say Tamil tongue twister. She can’t able to pronounce it. Lakshmi leaves to sleep reasoning she didn’t slept we yesterday. Kannamma says to Kannamma that she will prepare juice for her. Bharathi reaches near Kannamma’s house. Soundarya notices him. Hema feels happy to see Bharathi there. She questions him why did he brought plants here. He manages to lie with her. Kannamma didn’t mind her.

Hema asks Kannamma to plant the rose immediately. Kannamma says she needs pot to plant that. Hema demands them to do it soon. Bharathi gives the plant to her. Kannamma and Bharathi are filling the pot with soil. Bharathi hands touches her hand mistakenly both feels embarrassed. Bharathi water to that plants. Soundarya asks the driver to park the car somewhere hidden. Hema says to Kannamma that she will check its growth whenever she come here.

Trio enters into the house. Soundarya comes there and watching them. Hema questions Bharathi Is he driving juice? Kannamma says that she need essence to prepare it. Bharathi deny it. He says that he is leaving but Hema stops him. Hema brings uppuma to him and says Kannamma prepared it. Soundarya thinks that he don’t like to eat let’s see what’s he gonna do now. Bharathi starts taste it and says its tasting good. Soundarya opens her mouth in shock.

Bharathi often stares Kannamma she too starts him back. Hema questions him Is he need more? He deny it and says its tasting good. Kannamma collect his plate and asks him to wash his hand there. Bharathi stares Kannamma and wash his hand. Kannamma gives water to Hema she gives it to Bharathi. Soundarya smiles in teasing way seeing them. Bharathi asks Hema to share with Kannamma that he is leaving. She shares it to her.

Bharathi leaves from there after bidding bye to her. Soundarya comes out of the pillar. Hema feels happy to see her. Soundarya kisses Hema. Hema tells her that dad brought rose plant for her. Lakshmi also comes there and greets her. Soundarya asks them to get ready let’s go out. Kids feels happy to hear it.

Episode ends.