Bharathi kannamma 31st October 2022 Written Update: Kannamma decides to stop Venba’s wedding

Bharathi kannamma 31st October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kannamma threatening Shanthi to confess the truth. She reveals to Kannamma that Venba going to marry Bharathi. Everyone gets shock to hear it. Shanthi adds that she went to marry him. This is the truth. Soundarya says that she felt suspicious when Bharathi didn’t attend the wedding. He betrayed her. Doesn’t he have common sense ? How could he plan a secret wedding with that Venba. Hema says that Dad again lied to her. He promised to don’t lie to her again. Kannamma demands Anjali to take Hema and Lakshmi from there. Kannamma asks Shanthi to share the full details with her.

She reveals to her that they are going to marry in ponniyamman temple. Kannamma asks her how could he marry another one when his wife is alive here? She won’t let him marry her. Shanthi wishes to alert Venba about it. Kannamma demand them to stop Shanthi from alerting them. Rohith’s friend assured her to control her. Soundarya gives a permission to Kannamma. She asks her to go to any extend to stop this wedding. She won’t stop her. Kannamma leaves from there along with Rohith.

Venba searches for Bharathi in temple. She calls Bharathi but he isn’t attending her call. He gets frustrated when she often calls him to disturb him. Venba inquires the flower seller about Bharathi. She tells her she didn’t see him here. Venba doubts whether Bharathi back off from his decision. Meanwhile, Kannamma says that she doubted why is everything going smooth here. Venba’s attitude also changed. She is always planning to snatch another one husband. She planned this secretly.

Doesn’t she cheated everyone by agreeing to marry Rohith. She says that Bharathi will see her real face today. She isn’t going to leave both of them. If he married her then Kannamma won’t give mercy to them. She warns Soundarya to don’t stop her. She shouldn’t support Bharathi there. Venu feels his heart aching. Soundary asks him to stop the car. Venu tells her that he wants to stop the wedding. Kannamma adds that she is bearing everything for children sake. She won’t leave him today.

Meanwhile, Rohith’s mom says to Sharmila that her relatives will badmouth on her family after learn the bride eloped from mandap. How she will face this humiliation. Rohith asks her to stop crying. Sharmila says to him that Kannamma warned her to keep an eye on Venba when she went to invite her for wedding. She said to her that Venba isn’t a person to adjust with everyone. She is adamant person to get what she want? But she didn’t give heed to her words. Lakshmi and Hema asks Anjali will Bharathi marry Venba? Anjali denied it. Later, Manager asks Venba to meet the Priest he wants to say something to her.

She gets frustrated and goes to meet him. Bharathi reaches to temple and waits for the DNA test report impatient. He thinks that it’s better to not go inside now. He shouldn’t go inside before getting DNA test result. It’s safe to him. He sits inside the car. Venba calls him to learn about his location. He lies to her that he is in traffic. Venba asks him to come back asap.

Bharathi gets a phone call from technician. Bharathi asks him whether his DNA matching to Lakshmi or not? He tells him that some technical fault in the machine . They will send reports in 2 days. Bharthi lashes out at him in anger for back off from his decision. Technician apologize to him for his mistake. Bharathi gets frustrated when DNA test result delayed.

Episode end