Bharathi kannamma 3rd August 2022 Written Update: A special gift for Hema

Bharathi kannamma 3rd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bharathi talking with guests. Venba comes there and wishes to talk with him for few minutes. Guest excuses him. Venba tells him it has been long they attend the function together. Bharathi tells her because of his busy schedule he can’t able to spend time with her. Bharathi enquires her about Rohith. She asks him to stop taking his name. She can’t able to bear his torture. Bharathi asks her Is he torturing her? He tells her that he won’t talk about him because it’s her personal.

She can guess what’s his mom thinking now. Everyone are discussing here who is Hema’s mom? She can understand that he has no one to show who is Hema’s mom? He can ask her to help him anytime without hesitating. She asks him to forget whatever happened between them. Lets start a new life. If he mentions Venba as Hema’s mom then she will be so happy. She is ready to live as Hema’s mom lifelong.

As a friend she can able to help him always. Bharathi thank her for came forward to help him. Meanwhile Soundarya and Venu notices them taking together. She fears that Bharathi may mention Venba as Hema’s mom. Venu tells her doesn’t Bharthi assured to them he won’t do like that. Soundarya says that she can’t able to believe Venba at all. Venu tells her lets wait for his confession. Meanwhile Akhil comes on stage and announces to all today Hema and Lakshmi turns to 10.

Then Saravanan and Sandhya’s first wedding anniversary also today. Lets celebrate both functions together. Akhil welcomes Soundarya on stage to share few words about Hema and Lakshmi. Soundarya says Hema is a silent nature and brillant one. Bharthi loves her a lot. Lakshmi is opposite to Hema she is very naughty and talkative. Bharathi used to mention her as rowdy. They welcomes kids on stage.

Akhil welcomes Saravanan and Sandhya on stage. Soundarya asks them to cut the cake together. Saravanan feeds cake to Sandhya and Sivagami. She feeds him back. Sandhya and Saravanan takes blessings from their parents. He feeds cake to everyone there. Kannamma wishes happy anniversary to them. Sivagami shares to all that her family came here to do her surgery. Bharathi whom saved her from this. She shares to them that Saravanan owned sweet stall.

Soundarya is rich though they arranged this function for them without any hesitations. Hema asks them when will they give gift them them? Soundarya asks them to bring the cake. Lakshmi and Hema cuts the cake together. They feeds each other happily. Later they feeds cake to their family members. Venba don’t like them enjoying the function together. She feels happy thinking Bharthi gonna announce her as Hema’s mom. Kids takes blessings from everyone. Sivagami gifts gold chain to both kids as birthday gift. After them Bharathi gifts necklace to both kids.

Bharathi gets everyone attention there. He asked everyone to take food and leaves. Hema asks him to give the birthday gift to her. He asks her doesn’t he gave chain to her? She asks him doesn’t he promised her to show her mom today? He assures her that he will definitely show her mom today. Bharathi shares to them Hema didn’t saw her mom from her birth. He promised to show her today who is her mom. Kannamma glares at Soundarya hearing it. Soundarya fears the worst. Akhil thinks whom will he show as Hema’s mom? If truth come out all problems will be over.

Venba is excited to hear him announces Venba as her mom. She thinks that it’s enough to get him married. Bharthi stares Venba smiling. Kannamma thinks that she will create issue if he mention Venba’s name here. Lakshmi fears will he mention Venba’s name. Saravanan and Sandhya also gets confused about it. Shanti asks Venba where did Bharathi went? Why didn’t he mention her name yet? Bharathi brings a photo frame there. He asks her to open it her mom’s picture is in it. She opens it excited.

Everyone gets shocked to see he shows Hema picture to Hema. He lies to her it’s Kannamma her mom. Kannamma gets furious seeing it. Venba thinks that Bharathi loved this Hema in college days that’s why she killed her. Now he showed her as Hema’s mom. Kannamma demands Anjali to take kids from there. Kannamma lashes out at Bharathi for for lying to Hema. She adss that she was fooling herself these many years by keeping quiet. It’s enough she can’t able to hide anything. Bharathi announces to all that Hema is not his own daughter but adopted one.

Episode end