Bharathi kannamma 3rd January 2023 Written Update: Bharathi Treats Kannamma

Bharathi kannamma 3rd January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bharathi is dreaming like he teach Kannamma to ride the bike. Ganapati brings him out of his dream. Kannamma is doing Pooja to her scooty. Lakshmi and Hema are asking Kannamma to give a ride. Bharathi laughs hearing it. Kannamma nods with her daughters. Ganapati asks Bharathi why did she get on bike? Does she know to ride the scooty? He denies it. Kannamma rides the scooty surprising him.

Ganapati says to him he thought Kannamma doesn’t know to drive but she is riding scooty well. Bharathi says that she changed a lot. He thought she is same Kannamma like before. After she left him she turns to bold. He likes this Kannamma a lot. Meanwhile, Kannamma is delivering the orders to all shop. Shop owners are praising Kannamma’s handmade spices. Later, Paandi is checking the money. He smells the money. His accountant comes there and shares the accounts details to him. He gets happy to hear the profits in all business.

Paandi fumes hearing he is facing lose in Masala company. He got angry with the accountant. He says that he hates loss name. How did he lose in Masala business? Accountant says to him that they sold the business well until last month. Paandi asks them does anyone start the business against him? His henchman informs him that one lady started a business against him. She is none other Kannamma. His cousin is selling masala against her.

Paandi smiles hearing Kannamma’s name. His henchman tells him that they used to mix things in our masala so taste isn’t better. But Kannamma’s masala is good in quality and tastes also good. People loving her products. Paandi says that Kannamma isn’t his enemy. What if he adds her as a partner in his business? His henchman asks him doesn’t he used to destroy his opponent but he is trying to help Kannamma here. Paandi says that it’s different in Kannamma’s life. His henchman understand the situation and congratulates him.

Kannamma returns to home. Tamari asks her doesn’t she return home early. Kannamma tells her that she sold her products and got money in return. Her work is over. Tamarai says that Kannamma is busy after she brought a scooty. Kannamma tells her vehicle is important to every woman. It gives a confidence to them. Doesn’t birds trusting their wings to cross the sky. Meanwhile, Azhagar says to Tamarai that his chest is paining. He is coughing. Kannamma and Tamarai rushed near him. He signals to Tamarai that he is acting. Tamarai understands his plan and acts with him. Kannamma asks her to take him to the hospital. Tamarai says that they don’t have enough time. Let’s take him to Bharathi’s clinic. Kannamma refuses to go to his clinic. Tamarai takes Azhagar to his clinic.

Bharathi checks Azhagar. He signals to Bharathi that he is acting. Bharathi understand his plan. He pretends like checking Azhagar. He gives a tablet to him. Bharathi tells him it seems a virus. It will spread to others. He checks Tamarai and gives medicine to her. Kannamma refuses to get treatment from Bharathi. Bharathi forces her to take treatment from him. Bharathi checks her and romances with her. Kannamma glares at him and leaves. Bharathi hugs Ganapati in happiness.

Episode ends