Bharathi kannamma 4th November 2022 Written Update: Rohith weds Venba

Bharathi kannamma 4th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba sharing to Sharmila that she won’t marry Rohith. Priest sigh hearing it. Rohith asks her what happened? Venba says to Rohith that she don’t like him. She don’t want to marry him. Sharmila complaints to Venba that she doesn’t have any rights to stop this wedding after she did this much. Doesn’t Rohith agree to marry her even after this much happened? She wants to marry him at any cost. Sharmila forces her to put garland on his neck. Priest suggests him to marry her asap or else someone else will stop this wedding again. He chants the mantras. Rohith marry Venba. Sharmila blessed them. Later, Soundarya shares with Kannamma that she never expected him to take such foolish step to marry Venba. She doesn’t know where did he lost his sense? Venu tells her that he is ashamed to mention himself as his son.

Akhil complaints that Bharathi is a educated fool. That is why he believed that Venba and agreed to marry her. People will laughs at them hearing it. He thought Bharathi is adamant in Kannamma’s matter but he failed to suspect Venba’s story. Kannamma accepts that he is an educated fool. Who will believe Venba’s story than him? It’s his luck he didn’t marry Venba today. Or else she would have send him to jail. She isn’t ready to forgive him for this mistake. She wishes to cut his tongue when he supported Venba in this matter. He isn’t ready to accept his own childrence but he agreed to marry Venba for her baby. Venu asks her to leave this matter. Soundary tells him that she isn’t able to accept that Bharathi did like this. He inquired her about childrence? Soundary shares with him that they are playing. Venu asks them to keep this secret with them.

Hema asks Lakshmi why is Bharathi behaving like that? Doesn’t he know that Venba is a bad person. How could he decided to marry her? She shares with her that she is an orphan. Bharathi take her from the orphanage. She decided to leave from house. But Bharathi stopped her and promised her to don’t lie to her again. He assured to buy her favourite things. But he broke his promise. He is an orphan. That is why he didn’t give respect to his words. She adds that she doesn’t have father, mother and relatives too. Lakshmi thinks that Hema misunderstood she is an orphan. She tries to confess the truth to Hema. But Soundarya stops her. She manages to lie with her.

Later, Rohith returns to home along with Venba. He dances in front of her to irritate Venba. Sharmila asks Shanthi to take arathi to them. Sharmila reveals to Venba that Shanthi informed them that Venba going to marry in the temple. Venba glares at her. Rohith consoles Venba. Sharmila shares to Rohith that she transferred 60% shares on Rohith name. If she try to divorce him then all properties will go to his name. She warns her to live with him lifelong. Rohith assured her to live with Venba happily. Venba gets frustrated to hear it.

Episode end