Bharathi kannamma 5th February 2022 Written Update: A shock awaits Bharathi

Bharathi kannamma 5th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba calls to Bharathi and asks to him where is he staying and gives the hotel address to her. Bharathi informs to her he is staying in his home. Venba asks to him doesn’t he said his mom didn’t allowed him to stay in home then why did he went there? Doesn’t he rich enough to stay out? Bharathi informs to her that Hema didn’t allow him to stay out she said to him she wanna stay with grand parents.

Venba thinks that small girl always playing villain role in her life she wish to stay with him in hotel if she go to his house that Soundarya will beat her with slippers. She pretends like apologies to him for the mess happened in her house. Bharathi says to her those association members said was true he shouldn’t stay with an unmarried girl. She asks to him what did he decided in court order? He tells her he decided to stay in home.

Venba suggests him to stay in one apartment she will send good pictures to him but he denies to her reasoning he don’t wanna get insult again. Venba gets irritate to hear it and share the grief to Shanthi. Lakshmi calls to Soundarya and invites everyone to attend Kannamma’s birthday party. Soundarya assures to him. Lakshmi shares to them that mom promised to reveal her who is her father. Hema appreciates her.

Family members gets disappointed to hear it. Lakshmi asks Hema to bring doctor uncle too with her and disconnect the call. Hema shares to her family that she is happy for Lakshmi because she used to talk about her father often. Hema asks to Soundarya when is dad birthday? She says to her its over now and asks to her why is she asking this now? Hema says that she wish to cut the cake for him. Soundarya asks her to cut mom’s birthday cake along with Lakshmi. Venu alerts Soundarya and clears to Hema doesn’t she calling Kannamma as cooking mom that’s why she mentioned like that. Hema asks her to take her to that fiction without fail. She nods to her.

Venba notices Kannamma is playing to god she wishes to irritate her. Venba pretends like calling Bharathi just then he comes there and talks with him very close to irritate Kannamma. They leaves to pray to god Kannamma notices them going together and giving their name to do archana to irritate Kannamma. Kannamma glares them. Venba pretends like something fall on her eyes asks Bharathi to blow off her eyes. He helps her to remove the dust Kannamma hates to see it and thinks that they don’t have shame at all. After she insulted them also they don’t have sense at all.

Venba informs to Bharathi that Kannamma is here let’s irritate her. He says to her that he needs peace he will lost it if he meets with her. Venba forces him to take near her. Venba asks to her why is she sitting alone? She complaints that she is always alone only. She says to her she tried to kick Bharathi out from her house using Association people and got happy. Now they are in temple what will she do now? It’s temple everyone can come here and pray together she can’t able to do anything against them. She adds that she wanna see them together and get her stomach burning in anger.

She keeps irritating her. One old man coughs there Venba says she will give treatment to him but he denies it and says if he get treatment from him its sin. She is doing abortion for money. She is not allowing the small lives to come out of the world and killing it in womb she don’t deserve to stand here. She is not even a good woman too. He threatens her to leave from that temple reasoning she don’t deserve to stand here. This peaceful place turns to venoms if her leg touch here he asks her to leave.

Kannamma makes fun with Venba and says this will happen to her if she tries to tease good people. God will punish her in this way. Kannamma asks Bharathi to cut her friendship and leaves. Later Hema informs to Bharathi that she gonna attend Kannamma’s birthday party and she gonna reveal to all who is Lakshmi’s father? Bharathi get shock to learn it.

Episode end.

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