Bharathi kannamma 5th May 2021 Written Update: Kannamma gives a nod

Bharathi kannamma 5th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kannamma is cleaning the floor while thinking about Bharathi’s behavior. She thinks that he made her life stain and now his blood stain came on her house. Why should she kidnap his wife? Is she jealous on his wife? Actually Venba is jealous soul. He may think everyone is like Venba. He said that he is going to give complaint on her actually she wants to give complaint on him for fighting with a lady. Why don’t he give complaints on her instead of creating scene like this? She can’t able to digest that Bharathi turned out to be like this. She thinks that she will get one day to prove her innocence on that day she will never forgive him even after he clean her feet with tears.

Lakshmi comes there and questions Kannamma what’s she doing? Kannamma informs to her that her birthday is coming that’s why she is cleaning the floor. Lakshmi questions Kannamma whom came to their house in car? She lies to her no one came! Lakshmi says to her that Manju clearly said someone came here. She lies to her that government people came to take count of peoples. Lakshmi questions her Is she adds her dad name too? Kannamma lashes out at her.

Soundarya is sitting sadly there. Akhil comes there and questions her why didn’t she sleep yet? Soundarya shares her grief to him. She says to him that she wishes to stay in peace at least this one month but he ruined that too. Doesn’t he noticed the wound In Bharathi hand? Akhil says to her that Bharathi may in depression. Soundarya says to him that he is hiding the reason behind his injury?

She knew well that Bharathi created problems with Kannamma. She can’t even enquire about this to Kannamma she is a attitude person. Akhil consoles her. Kannamma is doing pooja to the new grinder. Tulasi is giving build up for new business. She is giving advertisement to them. Kannamma says to her that there ladies started hotel. First none eat there later many peoples started eating there. Sumathi says to her that she knew this area peoples so let’s create group and send message. Those who giving order let’s deliver it to their house. They are discussing about the business.

Lakshmi and Manju comes there. She questions her why did she buy this new grinder? She asks her to find out? If they find out she will give chocolate to them. Lakshmi is thinking for a reason. She finds out they are going to do a business with it. Kannamma questions her how did she find it out? Tulasi says to her that she is Kannamma daughter so she will find out everything. Manju and Lakshmi gets the chocolate. They are teasing Tulasi while she advise her. Tulasi questions Kannamma tomorrow is Lakshmi’s birthday what’s her plan for this?

Kannamma says to her that she got order for day after tomorrow. So she might do it. Tulsi asks her to spend time with her. Kannamma gives tea to Lakshmi. She asks Kannamma to remind her birthday. Kannamma informs to her that she has work tomorrow. She will take her out today and she can celebrate her birthday with her friends. Lakshmi asks her to buy keyboard for her.

Lakshmi says to her that she played music well in it. Tulasi informs to her that it will cost 10000 at least. kannamma asks her to change her wish. Lakshmi asks her to join her in swimming class. Kannamma informs to her that there is no swimming class near by. She asks her to buy new cycle for her. Kannamma says to her its working good then why did you asking to buy new cycle? Lakshmi says to her she don’t need anything from her. Kannamma agrees to take her out. She will buy anything for her. Lakshmi says to her about her wishes. Kannamma gives permission to everything. Kannamma gives little condition to her. Lakshmi gets ready to go out. Kannamma to leave from there.

Kannamma takes Lakshmi to temple. Lakshmi questions her will she buy everything for her. Kannamma asks her to trust her. Kannamma says that she is resembling her aunty. Lakshmi says that she wants to meet her aunty and compare herself with her. Both Kannamma and Lakshmi teasing each other. Lakshmi notices the people are praying god in different way. She questions Kannamma why did everyone worshipping god in different way? Kannamma gives answer to her. Lakshmi shares her weird wish to her.

Episode end.