Bharathi kannamma 6th April 2021 Written Update: Venba provokes Bharathi again Kannamma

Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 6th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tulasi and Kannamma reaches to their house. Tulasi says to them that she is feeling tired. They are drinking tea together. Kannamma shares to Tulasi that she is feeling happy after returned to home. Tulasi shares to Kannamma about ladies daily life. Tulasi asks to Kannamma what is she going to do with this money? Kannamma says to her that she can pay back her debt, useful for Lakshmi’s education. She is thinking to start a business with this winning amount. Tulasi appreciates her idea. Kannamma shares to Tulasi that business has “gain and loss”. Tulasi says to Kannamma let’s add Sumathi with them to start a new business. Kannamma likes her idea. Soundarya is thinking about the programme. The way she spends moments with Kannamma and Lakshmi. Anjali praises the trophy!

Akhil enquires to Soundarya what’s bothering her? Soundarya says to him that she can’t able to forget about the trip. Akhil asks to her doesn’t she get time to spend with Kannamma? Then why did she worrying now? Soundarya shares to him that she wants to spend more time with Kannamma and Lakshmi. She craves to bring Kannamma back to here. Anjali tries to console Soundarya. She explains to her that she is lucky that’s why Kannamma agreed to stay with her for one week atleast. Akhil agrees with Anjali points. He adds that comparing to Kannamma’s character, she would have leave the place when Bharathi appears there.

Though she didn’t; it showing Kannamma’s love on Soundarya. Soundarya complaints to Akhil that Kannamma returned the half of winning amount to her. She gave one reason for it too. Doesn’t she has money? What’s the need of it? This amount will be helpful to Kannamma in this state! She is too adamant not to accept it. Akhil explains to Soundarya that she is calling it as “Attittude” but Kannamma is calling it as ” Self Respect.” Soundarya complaints whatever it is? This amount will be useful to her right? She even asked Kannamma to handover Lakshmi to her. She shared to her that she wanted to help Kannamma by upbringing her. Kannamma refuses to give Lakshmi to her.

Akhil scolds Soundarya for asking Lakshmi to Kannamma? Soundarya says to him that she is her grand daughter too. Akhil explains to her that Lakshmi is Kannamma’s daughter. She is the only hope of her. Soundarya says to him that she wishes to give good education and food to her. Akhil questions Soundarya will she agree? If anyone ask her to give either Bharathi nor Akhil to someone? Kannamma is also like that, so stop thinking about it and go to sleep. Shanthi asks to Venba why is she so happy today? Venba informs to her that she is happy because Kannamma lossed in game. Shanthi criticizes Venba character and provokes her against Kannamma. She says to Venba that she stopped creating problems in Kannamma and Bharathi life. Bharathi comes there.

Venba questions Bharathi doesn’t he start accepting Kannamma? She complaints that Bharathi used to hate Kannamma and shows angry on her. But he stayed with her in resort. Venba provokes Bharathi against Kannamma pointing her character? Bharathi says to Venba that he will hate Kannamma till he die. He lashes out at her and leaves. Shanthi praises Venba’s act.

Bharathi and Kannamma are getting same dream. Bharathi complaints that Kannamma even ruining his dream too. He thinks why did he didn’t showed angry on Kannamma? Why did changed? Kannamma complaints that she wished to never meet Bharathi. How could he believe the lie for 8 long years? She should have left that place ignoring Soundarya’s requests. Kannamma thinks Bharathi is not a good father. Bharathi thinks that Kannamma is not guilty for her mistake yet. Bharathi throws the report in anger. Kannamma wishes to don’t meet Bharathi again.

Episode end.