Bharathi kannamma 6th May 2021 Written Update: Kannamma fulfilling Lakshmi’s wish

Bharathi kannamma 6th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi says to Kannamma that she is going to say her first wish here. Kannamma says to her here is no balloon store to buy for her. Lakshmi says to her its not her wish she wants to do Pooja to god like Pandith. Kannamma says to her what’s this all? It’s a weird wish. Only pandith are allowed to do Pooja to god. Lakshmi questions her why is there such rules? What’s wrong in it if she do pooja? Kannamma says to her don’t be adamant like this. She says to her that mom said to her god and kids are same then why is she not allowed to do Pooja? Lakshmi informs to her she will be ok if Pandith deny to do it but please ask him once.

Kannamma says to Pandith that tomorrow is Lakshmi birthday she wishes to do pooja to god like him. Panditha thinks a while and questions her what will she do there? Lakshmi informs to him that she likes to touch the god and do pooja too. She wants to pray for everyone there. He turns to be happy and takes her inside to do the pooja. Lakshmi doing pooja to god and touch the god. Kannamma and Kumar happiness having no bounds to see it.

Soundarya questions Venu why did he take these many days to come back after finishing the Goa project. Venu informs to her that he canceled two meetings with him. So he wished to finalize this time so he went there to meet him. But he went to UK. He was stuck in lock down there in quarantine. He has no idea what to do. He even suffered to her food there. Akhil comes there and greets him.

He questions him why didn’t he doing any photo shoot now? He informs to him how will he do photo shoot in this pandemic period. Everywhere is corona news. But our nation Developed they find out the vaccine for it in one year. We shouldn’t scare for it. Akhil adds that Soundarya has no one to share her feelings with in his absence. Hema comes there. Venu questions her doesn’t she miss him? Hema nods negatively reasoning Soundarya treated her well without even allowing her to think about him.

Soundarya says to her that she can’t able to celebrate her birthday grandly this time due to pandemic period. Hema agrees to it and asks her to but play station for her. Soundarya refuses to buy it for her reasoning she is concentrating on mobile, laptop and iPod. So she can’t allow her to use such things. Hema pleads with her. Soundarya says to all strictly don’t buy these things for her and leaves. Akhil consoles her and leaves.

Lakshmi finishes her pooja and gives the Prasad to her mom and Kumar. She thank the pandith. Kumar says to her that she fulfilled her wish today. How was the feeling? She says to her that she loved it. Kannamma says to her that she shouldn’t be adamant to do pooja next time like this. She nods. Kannamma says to her that she wants to eat food. They are about to leave one vintage car comes there. Kumar praises the car and explains about it. Lakshmi praises it too.

Kannamma asks her to leave. Lakshmi says to her that she wants to travel in this car. Kannamma says to her don’t be adamant like this. Lakshmi says to her that she promised to her that she fulfill all her wishes. Kumar says to her that she will ask to them. Kannamma requests to that grandma for a round reasoning its her daughter wish. She agrees to them. Lakshmi thank that grandma. She asks her to call her as Vasu aunty. She nods.

Kannamma and Lakshmi is travelling in that car. They are enjoying the ride there happily. Beautiful mom and daughter song plays at the background. Venu questions Akhil about Bharathi? He informs to him that he went to hospital. Hema comes there she asks to him what will he gift for her birthday? She don’t need play station but a phone. Akhil questions her why did she need phone? Hema says to him that she changed her mind to buy phone. He deny it. She mentions him as bad and request to Venu. He too deny for her wish. Both are teasing her. Hema says that she is angry on them. Hema leaves from there.

Episode end.