Bharathi kannamma 7th April 2021 Written Update: Venba tricks Durga

Bharathi kannamma 7th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tulasi is helping Lakshmi to get ready. Lakshmi shares to Tulasi about her new school. She shares to Tulasi that she is weak in science. Tulasi says to her that she will take tuition to her. Kannamma comes there with her lunch. Even Kumar is there. He mentions Lakshmi as ‘ baby’. Lakshmi asks him to stop mentioning her in that way reasoning she will be a collector in future. Kannamma teases her. Laksh says to her if she teases her then she will never allow Kannamma to get inside her car. Kannamma says that car is waiting outside go and sit in it. Kannamma again teases her. Kumar supports Lakshmi. Kannamma advises to Lakshmi how to study there. She asks her to behave herself in school. Lakshmi is teasing Kannamma for repeating her dialogue. Lakshmi complaints to Tulasi that Kannamma is advising to Lakshmi continuously not even considering her as kid. Kannamma and Lakshmi leaves to school bidding bye to Tulasi. Kannamma informs to Lakshmi that she is cooking luch for that school. She asks Lakshmi to hide from everyone that she is her mom. Laksh disappointed to hear it. Kannamma manages to lie with her and says to her that she wants to see Lakshmi mentioning Kannamma as her ‘ mother’ after becoming a collector.

Soundarya feels happy to know that Lakshmi is going to study in same school with Hema . She wishes to see Hema and Lakshmi spending times together. Akhil comes there and enquires to her what’s the matter she looks so bright today? Soundarya shares to him that Lakshmi and Hema are going to study together. Hereafter we can see them together. She has no happiness then this. Akhil says that Bharathi spending money for her it’s highlight here. Akhil questions her what will be Bharathi’s reaction after he learns that Lakshmi is Kannamma’s daughter. Soundarya says he will do anything. Akhil asks to her will Bharathi show his anger on kid? Soundarya says that he won’t but he will show it to them. Didn’t he noticed Bharathi’s anger in resort. The way he treating Kannamma is worst. He may feel betrayed after learning the truth. Let Bharathi and Lakshmi become close. Hema comes there with Bharathi. Soundarya asks to Bharathi Is he has any work after he drop Hema at school? He replies as nothing. She informs to him that she will take lunch for her. She thinks that spending time with her grand daughters are bliss. Soundarya questions Bharathi Is he paid the scholarship money? Bharathi informs to her that he is going to pay money for Lakshmi. Soundarya shares her happiness to him.

Durga visits Venba at her house. Venba gets angry to see him there. Durga questions him why did she getting scared to see him? Isn’t she deleted all evidence smartly? Durga informs to her that he saw Bharathi and his daughter. That kid is dicto of Kannamma. May be she can delete the audio evidence but not him. Because he is a evidence reasoning Venba brings him here to kill that Kannamma! He can share this truth to Soundarya and Bharathi at any moment? Bharathi is loving Hema a lot. He loved Kannamma more then it. Venba separated those couples. Her punishment is not in hell but in earth. Durga warns her that he is here to finish Venba! Durga says to her that one day truth will be come out and live together. Venba wishes to divert Durga? Durga mentions to Venba that she is making him fool. Venba lies to Durga that Hema is adopted girl. Soundarya brings Hema to that house after Kannamma left the house. Durga challenges her that he will find her truth soon. Venba wishes to divert him. Durga scolds Venba for touching her. Durga says to her that he is breaking up with her. She is teasing him. Durga challenges her that he is going to find out Hema’a birth details.

Kannamma and Lakshmi reaches to temple. Kannamma informs to her it’s powerful temple she can pray to god. Kannamma asks her to pray what’s she want? Kannamma thank god for making her dreams come true. Finally Lakshmi is going to study in big school. Bharathi is helping Lakshmi. She don’t want to ruin Lakshmi’s life for her selfishness. She is leaving her ego for Lakshmi’s future. Lakshmi prays to god to get new friends in school. She asks god to help her to fulfill her wishes. Kannamma applies vermillion on her temple. Kannamma questions her what did she prayed? Lakshmi says to her that prayer shoudn’t say out. Shanthi comes there and asks priest to do archana on Bharathi and Venba’s name. Kannamma glares Shanthi after hearing their name.

Episode end.