Bharathi kannamma 7th November 2022 Written Update: Hema’s firm decision

Bharathi kannamma 7th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohith admitting Venba in the hospital. Sharmila inquires the doctor what happened to Venba? How she is doing? The doctor questions them how did she got hurt? Rohit informs her that she slipped down from the stairs. The doctor informs them that she was one and half month pregnant. She got miscarriage. Her leg and hands were fractured. She needs bed rest. Meanwhile, Bharathi hesitated to talk with his parents. They are ignoring him.

Bharathi gets hurt to see them ignoring him. He starts polishing Hema’s shoes. Soundary thinks that he is pretending like taking care on Hema. If he really care for her then he wouldn’t have tried to marry Venba. Hema comes there and inform Soundarya that she is going to school. Bharathi tells her that he will drop her in school. She snatched her shoe from his hand and says to him that she knew how to wear the shoe. She don’t need his help.

Bharathi tells her that he is did wrong. But she shouldn’t ignore him like that. He isn’t able to explain his situation to her. He pleads with her to forgive him. He isn’t able to accept her mentioned to him in temple he hate her. He pleads with her to talk with her and mention him as daddy. Hema asks him to stop pleading with her like that. Bharathi asks her to mention him as dad. Hema shares with him that he lied to her again after promised to her. She isn’t able to accept it. Stop troubling her like this. She won’t call him as dad anymore. She asks Akhil to drop her in school. Bharathi tells her that he will drop her in school but she denied it. Bharathi gets hurt to denied it.

Later, Lakshmi greets Hema in school. She inquired Hema who dropped her in school? Hema says to her that Akhil dropped her in school. She asks her doesn’t Bharathi dropped her? She refused to take his help. She doesn’t like to stay in that house. She wants to leave from there. Doesn’t she considered Bharathi as her dad after knew her birth truth. Though he betrayed her.

Lakshmi asks her to stop thinking like that. Lakshmi suggests her to stay in her house. She adds that Hema is able to go back to her home when she feels better. Hema requests her to take Kannamma to home after her duty. Lakshmi asks her to say the reason. Hema thinks that she wants to go back to orphanage.

Later, Bharathi checks Selvaraj’s health. Bharathi asks the Nurse to take a good care on him. He will talk with Vickram about free of cost. Selvaraj’s wife thank him for his help. Bharathi says to her that it’s his duty to help him. They thank him and leaves. Later, The Nurse informs him that one patient struggling to breath. He goes to check that person. He noticed Venba there and says to her that he will give treatment to her. Venba removes the oxygen mask and says to him that she doesn’t have any option to meet him then this. She acted like that to meet him.

Bharathi asks her Is she still thinking he is a fool? Venba shares with him that her baby got abort. Bharathi says to her who knows whether she slipped down or intentionally planned to abort that child. She says to him that she did everything to marry him. Bharathi asks her to stop this drama. He doesn’t need her in his life. He got enough after being a friend of her. Because of her he lost his family and standing alone. He doesn’t want to see her face anymore. Venba thinks that she won’t leave him. She will go any extend to get him back in her life.

Episode end