Bharathi kannamma 8th April 2021 Written Update: Kannamma’s bold decision

Bharathi kannamma 8th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kannamma gets angry, while hearing Shanthi mentioning ‘Bharathi and Venba’ name to priest. Lakshmi asks Kannamma to leave. Kannamma sends Lakshmi away from her. Kannamma is keep staring Shanthi and stops her. Kannamma questions Shanthi why did she done archana on Bharathi and Veba name? Shanthi says to Kannamma that she wishes to see Venba and Bharathi living long together. Kannamma slaps Shanthi for it. She questions her doesn’t she snatched another one husband to live with him? Is she good person? Shanthi warns Kannamma that she will say it to Venba. Kannamma slaps her again. She threatens her that she will slap her again if she mentions Venba name. Kannamma asks Shanthi to inform Venba about it. Shanthi gulps seeing Kannamma. Bharathi drops Hema at school. She says to Bharathi that she likes Lakshmi a lot. Bharathi asks Hema to bring Lakshmi here. Venba calls to Bharathi and enquires him about his whereabouts? He informs to her that he is here to pay fee to Lakshmi.

Principal comes there to greet him. Bharathi disconnect the call and talk with him. Venba comes there. Bharathi asks her to wait. Venba thinks if Bharathi comes to know the truth then he will change all the story. Kannamma comes there in auto. She gets down from auto but both didn’t noticed each other. Kannamma asks Kumar to give the lunch boxes to construction company. Bharathi fails to meet Kannamma when auto comes between them. Lakshmi questions Kannamma Is everyone rich here? She informs to her that she will understand it later. Venba complaints that Bharathi is a leading doctor in this society. Venba adds that we both are famous doctor why would they wait for Lakshmi? Bharathi asks her to leave if she is busy. Kannamma notices Bharathi and Venba there. She thinks that Venba is stick with him always. Kannamma excuses Lakshmi and leaves.

Lakshmi notices Bharathi and rushes towards him. He mentions her as talkative girl. Lakshmi warns him to don’t mention her like this. He says to her that he will mention her as ‘ latchu’ hereafter. Lakshmi likes that name. She says that Venba dislikes it. Bharathi says that she find out it. Bharathi asks to Lakshmi where is her mother? He can’t able to meet her. Bharathi asks Lakshmi to say her father’s name? Lakshmi stays silent. Kannamma gets emotional hearing it. She says to her that Bharathi is her father. Bharathi asks her to say her father name? Lakshmi informs to him that she don’t know his name. He went to abroad when she was kid. Neither she didn’t ask his name nor she said to her. Bharathi thinks it’s strange. Bharathi asks Lakshmi to call her mother and ask her? She dials to Kannamma and asks her to say her father’s name? Kannamma fears the worst! She doubts what to say? She can’t able to escape from this question?

Lakshmi questions Kannamma why did she taking this much time to say her father’s name? Kannamma thinks why should she lie about her father’s name? She decides to say the truth. Kannamma mentions her father name as ‘ Bharathi’. She disconnect the call. Bharathi asks Lakshmi to say her father name? She informs to him that he may be shock to hear this name, because his name is also Bharathi. She informs to him that her mom said like that.

Episode end.