Bharathi kannamma 8th December 2021 Written Update: Shanthi lies to Venba

Bharathi kannamma 8th December 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bharathi tasting the yogurt. Kannamma is admiring him the way he is drinking it. Bharathi thinks that Kannamma is showing attitude if she needs the yogurt she can come out and drink it. Kannamma thinks that she fails to taste the yogurt. Bharathi gives one glass yogurt to Kannamma. She tastes it and praises its taste. Kannamma asks to him Is he visit here daily? He denies it and says sometime. Kannamma says to him that she know to cook yogurt tastily. Bharathi asks her to start a yogurt business along with him then.

.Kannamma gets a call from store and asks to her when will she deliver idli flour. She asks some times to him and blames herself for getting late. Bharathi wakes up and notices her grinding the rice flour. He thinks that when did she starts grinding it? Doesn’t she came with him when did she woke up? Bharathi thinks that he is acting different here. He is literally behaving like Kannamma’s husband here and eating her handmade food too. He decides to leave from this house after 6 days and shouldn’t fall for her again. Kannamma gives tea to her. Bharathi asks to her when did she wake up? She informs to him that she woke up at 5. She is actually late today already store people called her to give idli flour to them.

Bharathi asks to her will she sleep only 5 hours daily? Kannamma denies it and says that she was late yesterday. She used to sleep at 11 or 11.30 daily doesn’t he saw her. Bharathi thinks that she is trying to change his mind with her emotional story. She betrayed him so he shouldn’t forgive her and hate her to the core. Bharathi scolds his sub conscience mind for blabbering. Bharathi enquires to Kannamma about her monthly expenses?

Kannamma tells him that nearly 25k. Bharathi says that he will give one idea to her to live well. She don’t need to work hard like this daily and losing her health. He will offer money to her to settle well she can upbring her daughter well with that money. But she wanna go far away from his life that’s it. Kannamma thinks that she expected this from him. Kannamma demands him to give this money while mentioning he is her husband that’s it she will leave far from him. Bharathi gets angry on her and leaves.

Kannamma alerts him to don’t go inside bathroom reasoning she poured harpic inside to clean it. Bharathi didn’t listen to her and slips on it. Bharathi moans in pain. Kannamma rushes near him to save her. Both falls into their eyelock. Bharathi asks her to take his hand from him. Bharathi tries to get up but slips again. Both shares an eyelock and feels the closeness. Bharathi scolds Kannamma for applied flours on his face and dress. He scolds her for poured harpic inside the bathroom and didn’t cleaned it. Kannamma complaints that she is lack of time that’s why. More then she alerted him but he didn’t listen to her words at all. Bharathi glared at her. Shanthi calls to Venba. She lies to her that Bharathi didn’t agreed to live with Kannamma.

Venba gets
happy to hear it and asks her to meet him again and take her out. Mayandi demands Venba to give money to them to take her out. She nods with her. Mayandi asks to her why did she lied to her shanthi says that Venba will be sad that’s why. Lakshmi and Hema misses their parents and spends quality time with each other.

Episode end