Bharathi kannamma 8th July 2022 Written Update: Bharathi accuse Kannamma

Bharathi kannamma 8th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bharathi questions Kannamma why didn’t she asked permission to him before giving permission to them? She might take responsibility of it. Vickram comes there and enquires the problem. Bharathi narrates everything to him. Vickram says to him let’s search for them first. Bharathi asks Kannamma when will she understand she is unfit to this job. Vickram scolds Security for being careless.

Kannamma apologise to Vickram for her mistake. Bharathi complaints to her that she might inform to doctor before giving permission to them. Staffs informs to them they couldn’t find them. Someone shows a video to them two couples were committed suicide. Vickram asks him to stop coming to a conclusion they are not coward to do like this.

Bharathi says to Kannamma that she is responsible for their missing. If they didn’t return to hospital in 30 minutes Vickram might fire her from job and appoint new admin officer. Kannamma fears something happened to them. Meanwhile Janaki buys sweet for Raman and talking nicely to him.

She is making him understand her health situation to him. She reveals to him that she was the one requested Bharathi to lie to him she don’t have any problem. Janaki explains her health situation to her. Raman gets devastated after hearing it. Janaki consoles him and motivates him. She advises him to learn how to spend remaining life after her death.

Kannamma fears what happened to Janaki. Vickram comes there and consoles Kannamma that she didn’t done anything intentionally. She would have thought to give little relief to them. Kannamma takes the blame and accepts her mistake she shouldn’t have take decision like this. She takes advantage of her job. She feels guilty for not asking permission from doctor before send them out. Vickram consoles her nothing will happen to them. Bharathi suggests him to inform to police. Vickram says to him they won’t do like that.

Kannamma gets happy to see them back. Janaki enquires her what happened why did she looking so dull? Kannamma lies to her as nothing. Janaki narrates the situation to them. Nurse informs her that because of her Bharathi lashes out at Kannamma. Janaki apologize to her. Janaki shares to them that she revealed truth to her husband.

Episode end