Bharathi kannamma 8th November 2022 Written Update: Soundary makes an Attempt

Bharathi kannamma 8th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kannamma informing Bharathi about his schedule. Bharathi gets surprised to see her treating him like a Boss. Kannamma asks him to give his free schedule to appoint remaining appointment. Bharathi asks her to give the appointment to Sneha. Kannamma about to leave but Bharathi stops her. He asks her Does she free now? Kannamma says to him that she is busy. He shares with her that his family members are not talking with him. He isn’t able to see Hema abiding him. He adds that Hema is close with Kannamma. If she advise to her she will forgive him. Kannamma says to him that he is a doctor and she is an administrative officer here. There is no other relationship between them. She asks him to don’t bring his personal life matters to her. She will help him to finish the official work but don’t expect her to solve his personal problems. Bharathi thinks that she turns down his request. Let’s see who is innocent after the DNA result come. He will teach a lesson to her after that.

Hema packs her things and talks with Bharathi’s photo emotional. She thinks why did dad broke his promise. He was treating her like that because she isn’t his real daughter. Hema decided to leave from there. Meanwhile, Bharathi returns to home. Akhil and Anjali ignores him and talk with Soundary. Bharathi gets hurts to see it. Kannamma reaches to Bharathi’s house. kannamma asks her why did Hema asked her to meet her? Lakshmi tells her that she doesn’t know the reason. Bharathi tries to talk with Venu but he ignores him. He asks Akhil to buy medicine for him. Kannamma and Lakshmi comes there. Everyone gets happy to see them there. They Pampers Lakshmi there. Bharathi thinks that he was trying to talk with them but they ignored him. But they are showing so much love on Kannamma. Let’s see how many days they will maintain this?

Kannamma shares with Soundary that Lakshmi forced her to come here reasoning Hema wanted to meet her. Lakshmi adds that she doesn’t the reason. Soundary questions Anjali where is Hema? She shared with her that she asked her to give one suitcase to her. She didn’t say the reason to her. Meanwhile, Hema comes there carrying her luggage. Hema thank Lakshmi for bring Kannamma here. Soundarya asks her what’s inside the bag? Hema says that her books, clothes and things are inside it. It’s enough to her. Kannamma asks her what’s this? Why did she asked her to meet her? Hema says that she is an orphan. Doesn’t they adopted her? She wants to stay in orphanage. She pleads with them to send her back to Orphanage. Bharathi asks her to stop talking like this. Hema says to him that she doesn’t want to talk with him. Hema is adamant in her decision. Venu asks Soundarya to take her luggage from her. He suggests Lakshmi to play with Hema. Hema is adamant in her decision. She doesn’t want to stay here.

Soundarya pleads with Hema to stop talking like this. It’s hurting her. Hema says that her parents sent her to the orphanage when she born. Soundarya gave new life to her. She already gave enough trouble to her. She pleads with them to send her back to Orphanage. She adds that Bharathi said to her that she is an orphan. Then why should she stay here. She considered him as her father but he was often lying to her. He gave fake promise to her. If he considered her as his own daughter then he wouldn’t have did fake promise to her. She doesn’t like to stay here. Bharathi pleads with her to forgive him.

Episode end