Bharathi kannamma 8th October 2020 Written Update: Anjali lashing out at Soundarya

Bharathi kannamma 8th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Soundarya sitting in the garden. Postman delivered courier to Arivu. Soundarya guessed its from Kannamma so she opens it quickly. Venu and Akhil come there with Anjali and ask to Arivu what’s going on here? She replies to him that one courier came on Soundarya’s name so she is thinking its from Kannamma.

Soundarya turns emotional after reading the letter and informs to them its from Kannamma. Venu ask Arivu to read it loudly. She starts to read what Kannamma wrote in it. She asks Soundarya to go inside the house till she go she won’t take care of her baby and think about her health.

Venu says to Soundarya even Kannamma wanna see her going in or else she won’t take care of her health. Soundarya complaints to them that she only wrote about her but not about Kannamma pain. Venu, ask Akhil to find out the courier company.

Anjali blabbers to herself that everyone turns mad here that is why all are behind that Kannamma. After knew she is characterless they might find a new girl for Bharathi but here all are chanting Kannamma name. Soundarya phone rings she picks it instead of her. Durga called her. Anjali question to Durga why did he calling her Is salary remain for him? Durga replies to her nothing like that he wanna talk to Soundarya.

Anjali says to him she won’t allow him to talk with her. She is ill now so she is not in the state to talk anything. Durga keeps inform to her that he has one important thing to share with her then only all problems will be solve there. Anjali ask him to inform her what’s the important matter he refuses to tell. Anjali cuts the call in anger and blocks his number. Soundarya warns her don’t take her phone again.

At night Kannamma felt pain her staff help her out and advise her to meet doctor tomorrow for regular check up she nods. Next day Kannamma visits the hospital and take token. One nurse find her familiar and remind the incident how did Soundarya came search for her there and pleads everyone there to inform her if Kannamma comes here once.

She dials to Soundarya and informs to her that Kannamma is in hospital now. She ask that nurse to makes her wait there she will come soon. Kannamma thinks time is running out already she is pretty late. She hears Nurse conversation with Soundarya and she understand that nurse intention is to stop her there for someone. Kannamma finds Soundarya there and hides. When she goes in she leaves from there, Receptionist informs to her that she left.

Anjali is hell angry on everyone in that house for searching Kannamma whole day. Soundarya reach there and narrate the whole incident to them. Anjali starts to pour her anger on everyone there for searching a characterless woman like Kannamma doesn’t make sense. They must perform Bharathi marriage with someone else instead of going behind her.

Akhil and Soundarya warns her to shut it but she didn’t. Anjali announce there if they behave like this she will leave the house. Frustrated Soundarya shouts on her to leave. Venu tries to convince her but couldn’t. Akhil takes Anjali with him. Soundarya complaints to Venu that Anjali is stone heart person not even know to understand others feelings.

Bharathi is in Venba house she is triggering him reminding the incident and advise him to search Kannamma by himself. He refuce to do but she force him to find her first and gets divorce with her. Its the only option to leave from her separately orelse his family will bring back her to home and force him to live with her. Bharathi feels her correct and decided to do it. Venba smiles happily when Bharathi listening her words blindly.