Bharathi kannamma 9th April 2021 Written Update: Bharathi shocks to hear Lakshmi’s father’s name.

Bharathi kannamma 9th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi says to Bharathi that her father name is ‘ Bharathi’. Venba and Bharathi gets shock to hear it. Bharathi asks to Lakshmi once again to confirm it? Lakshmi says that her mother mentioned like that. She adds that her father didn’t copied his name. Venba says that no one will change their husband name for anyone. Lakshmi says that Venba talked well today. No one will scold her after seeing this episode. Principal says to Bharathi that it’s common to having similar name. Bharathi fills her admission form. Venba doubts who is Lakshmi? Hema is his real daughter then who is Lakshmi? She is in confusion. Principal praises Lakshmi’s passion. Venba gets dream like Bharathi and Kannamma are filling the form together and sending Lakshmi to school. Bharathi asks Kannamma what’s next? She says to him that we wants to get admission for their son too. Both are smiling each other. Venba thinks it’s worst dream. She must stop Bharathi to do it. Lakshmi meets Bharathi and greets him. Bharathi asks Lakshmi to study well. He will meet her here often. Lakshmi adds that she will become a collector. She falls on his feet to get blessing. Bharathi says that she shouldn’t fall on any feet. He wishes her good luck and leaves.

Soundarya admires Akhil and Anjali are spending time together. Soundarya thinks that she is happy to see them together. Akhil gives Rasagulla to Soundarya. She tastes it and praises it. Akhil informs to her that they cooked it for time pass. Soundarya praises them. She adds that this sweet would have get prize in that competition. Soundarya asks him to save some for Hema too. Akhil nods. Soundarya praises Anjali’s change over. She advises them how to lead their life happily. Soundarya asks Anjali to don’t change again be like this always! She nods. Soundarya says to them that she is leaving to give lunch to school. Hema waits for lunch there. Soundarya comes there with lunch.

Soundarya searches for Lakshmi there. Hema informs to her that her admission completed in morning. She brings Lakshmi there. Soundarya feels happy to see them together. Soundarya starts feeding to both of them. Lakshmi and Hema are enjoying it. Soundarya’s happiness having no bounds to see them together. Soundarya questions Lakshmi Is she like this school? She says that she liked this school a lot. Soundarya asks her to study well. Hema says that Lakshmi studying well in class. Hema complaints that food is not tasty. Lakshmi thinks that Hema may be hungry so she gave her food to her. Soundarya says to Hema that she will ask that Kannamma to cook for her.

Shanthi is crying in her house. Venba comes there and enquires to Shanthi what happened? She says to her that Kannamma slapped her. She narrated all incidents to her. She informs to her that Kannamma slapped her for mentioning her name. Venba gets angry and says to her that she will take care of this issue. Shanthi is provoking Venba against Kannamma. Venba is glaring her. Soundarya notices Kannamma is cleaning the vessels.
She feels emotional seeing her in that state.

Episode end.