Bharathi kannamma: A shock awaits Bharathi?

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Bharathi kannamma is famous Vijay tv show. This show revealing truth one by one to entertain its audience. Now serial concentrating on Hema to confront Bharathi!

In Today’s episode we see; Hema reminds about Bharathi’s conversation. She asks Lakshmi doesn’t she has knowledge about Divorce then her? Lakshmi explains to her everything. Hema says that Bharathi said her mom died when she was born. Then whom he gonna divorce? Lakshmi thinks that he gonna divorce his wife Kannamma. Hema asks her what’s going on here? Lakshmi says she might asks this to Bharathi. Later Sharmila enquires to Venba how Rohith looks like? Doesn’t he resembling hero? She adds that he is foreign return.

Sharmila shares to her that she is well aware of Venba that’s why she bring duplicate groom for her then only she will try something to send them out. She brings original one after it. Sharmila says that he saved her from goons it’s not in her plan. She demands her to go out with Rohith. Venba says that how will she go out with a stranger. Sharmila asks her to stop pretending like innocent. If Bharathi calls her to go out she would have fly on cloud. Hereafter she shouldn’t go behind Bharathi but this Sarathi only.

Rohith comes there Sharmila asks him to take Venba from there. She thinks both looks good together. Later Bharathi discuss with Kannamma about their divorce and mocks at her but Kannamma gives fitting reply to him and leaves.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Hema will meet Bharathi in his cabin. She will ask him what is Divorce? Doesn’t a husband give divorce to his wife? Bharathi will ask her why is she asking this to him? Hema will complaint that he said her mom was died then whom he gonna divorce now? Is her mom alive? If she alive where is she?

What will happen next? Will Bharathi amswer to her questions? When will Hema learn the truth?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.