Bharathi kannamma: A shock awaits Bharathi

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Vijay TV’s popular show Bharathi Kannamma and Raja Rani serials are united for Mahasangamam to entertain it’s audience. Now serial focusing on Bharathi will be in trouble

In Today’s episode we see; Venu shares to Akhil that they expected to celebrate this birthday party well but everything ruined. Akhil says to him everything happened for a good reason. How many days they can able to hide this truth from Bharathi.

Soundarya tells him he is right Kannamma was patient these many days. As a mother she can’t able to see he is mentioning someone else as Hema’s mom. Venu says to her that he is not blaming Kannamma in it. Soundarya adds that Bharathi gonna react worst hereafter. They might bear his anger. He will ignore them and accuses them as betrayal family.

Akhil asks Soundarya Is she remember Kannamma’s words? Doesn’t she said Venba tried to kill Kannamma on her pregnancy? Soundarya tells him if she aware of this truth she would have killed her on that moment.

Akhil tells her that Kannamma was hiding this truth from her. Soundarya says to her she is a an educated criminal. Such a physco. Akhil tells her they can’t able to leave this matter in this way? Soundarya tells him she won’t leave her. Later Venba confess her all deeds to Shanti.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Bharathi will attend Hema’s parents and Teachers meeting. Lakshmi will ask Bharathi to attend her parents teachers meeting.

Bharathi will deny it reasoning her parents only allowed to attend it. Lakshmi will get frustrate and mention him as dad. She will tell him that she knew well Bharathi is her dad.

What will happen next? Will Kannamma confess the truth? When will Venba get caught?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.