Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 1st April 2021 Written Update: Sandhya wins the round.

Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 1st April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts Anjali and Akhil comes to meet Kannamma. Akhil says to her that she is doing well in all competition only one round is remaining. She can do well that too. Kannamma replies to him that she don’t have interest to win this title but for doing everything for Soundarya. Akhil says to her that Soundarya is feeling happy to spend days with her. Kannamma says that she is doing everything for Soundarya’s happiness. She wishes to go back to her house. Kannamma enquires to Anjali about her health.

She mentions Kannamma as sister. Akhil and Kannamma feels surprise to hear it. Anjali says to Kannamma that she done many wrong deeds not understanding Kannamma. She didn’t recognize her love for her. Anjali asks Kannamma to win this title its her wish. Kannamma assures to her that she will definitely win for her. Akhil is teasing Anjali. Sundaram questions Sandhya Isn’t she preparing for competition? Sandhya replies to him that she is not. Sundaram says to her that he wants to see her win the title. He praises Sandhya’s halwa. Sandhya says to him that she tried something else but it came out at something.

Sundaram praises her hand made halwa and appreciates her thoughts too. Both are making fun of her dish. Sundaram says to her that this round is to check about their strength. If Sivagami is here then she will manage everything. He asks her to do well and win the title. If we win this then Sivagami will be happy. Soundarya comes there and questions her Is she thinking about title? Soundarya asks her to win the title. Sandhya questions her doesn’t she Kannamma’s mother in law. Then why did she asks her to win the title.

Soundarya says to Sandhya that she is also like Kannamma to her. She says that Kannamma has same sarie with her. Sandhya questions her Is she like Kannamma a lot? She replies to her that she missed diamond in her life that’s why she is crave to get it back in her life. Soundarya says to her that Sivagami will accept Sandhya one day. She shares to her that Soundarya also treated Kannamma badly in earlier days.

Kannamma notices Bharathi and cross him. He stops her and questions Kannamma how could she walk in attittude. He asks to her doesn’t she has shame to participate in this competition. Is she trying to come again to his house. Kannamma asks him to shut it and asks this to his mother instead of her. Kannamma teases him that he has no dare to question his mom but arguing with her. Bharathi says to her that don’t try to enter into his house again. Kannamma replies to him that she won’t come in his death funeral too. Bharathi comments that she is showing attittude. Kannamma replies to him that she is not depended on anyone but earning in her own hardwork that’s why. Bharathi questions her doesn’t she winning in all competition by offering money to them. Kannamma replies to him that whose mind is dirty can only think in this way.

Kannamma adds that not only she is participating in it competition but also with his mom. Is he doubting her also. Bharathi says to her that he knew well about her. Kannamma asks him to say it. Bharathi questions about her character. Kannamma says to him that he is still believing this lie. Bharathi complaints that she will loss in this competition. Kannamma challenges him that she will definitely win this round to show him. Kannamma teases him that he is going to watch it tomorrow how she is going to win it. Wait and watch.

Sandhya is sitting in empty boat. Saravanan comes there and informs to her that competition about to start. She about to go he stops her. He gives the bouquet to her. She asks to him why did he buy it for her? He says to her that he didn’t buy it but he arranged it all by plucking flowers in garden. She praises it. Saravanan says to her all the first. She replies to him its all the best. He asks her to come at first. Sandhya questions him how did he get this idea to gift her? He says to her that she is educated one that’s why. Sandhya says to him that everyone can gift to their loved one.

Saravanan asks to her Is she understand his love? She teases him and asks him to understand her love. She opens up with Saravanan and says to him that she didn’t understand him in the begining. She realizes that someone beautiful heart can bring all happiness to her. She thank him foe being with her. Saravanan assures to her that he will be with her always. Anchor announces everyone to come. Sandhya says to him that no one surprise her like this in her life. She wishes to take photo with him. Saravanan gives permission to him. Both takes selfie together.

Anchor is announcing the last round competition rules to all. Let’s see who is going to win the title. She welcomes Bigg Boss fame Gabrilla as chief guest on stage. She shares her experience inside the Bigg Boss House. Anchor informs to all that five dolls are hanging in air. All contestant’s partner face sticked on it. It refers their partner is hanging in air. We will lighten the fire under it they wants to hold the rope to save their parter prevent from falling into fire. Whom stays long will be winner. Venba asks waiter to give juice to all. She mixed sleeping pills in it. Kannamma refuses to drink it. Venba gets disappoints. But Sandhya drinks it.

Competition begins Kannamma and Sandhya are giving tough competition with each other. Sandhya is feeling sleepy though she is fighting hard to stand there to calm down Sivagami. Kannamma notices Sandhya and wishes to give up for her seeing her state. Their family members are encouraging for them. Kannamma reminds Bharathi’s words though Sandhya’s state is bothering her. She give up for Sandhya. Sandhya wins the round and she falls unconscious. Parvathy gets irk to see it. They helps her to get up and takes selfi.

Episode end.