Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 2nd April 2021 Written Update: Kannamma wins the second prize

Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 2nd April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parvathy is nervous. Adhi teases Paaru for her flopped plans. He teases her doesn’t she said she is going to stop Sandhya from winning the competition. But Sandhya won the competition. Paaru says to him that she tried in many way to stop her. In dance competition she applied itching powder on her sarie but she danced well. She placed the question paper inside Sandhya bag but she got escaped from it. She exchanged maidha with rice flour though she cooked well. In physical task she mixed sleeping pills in juice she was sleepy while holding the rope but Kannamma gave up for her. Adhi teases her again.

Sundaram sings song to teases her. Sundaram asks to Paaru doesn’t she think Sandhya will loss right? Paaru replies to him that she doesn’t care about them. Sundaram complaints that both are having grudges against Sandhya. He asks to them why did they having grudges in this young age. Paaru prays Sandhya shouldn’t win. Bharathi sits in beach. Venba comes there and asks to Bharathi Is he happy reasoning Kannamma didn’t win the competition. Venba is keep talking about Kannamma to Bharathi. He asks her to stop taking her name he is trying to forget her in his life.

Bharathi asks to Venba that she is showing too much anger on Kannamma then him. Doesn’t she betrayed him then why did she angry on her. Venba replies to him its all for Bharathi. Venba says to him that Kannamma is snake it will will behind him always. Soundarya won’t sit quiet. She will try in all way to bring Kannamma back to his house. What can he do against them? Venba says to him that he didn’t divorced her yet. He didn’t marry again. So still she is his legal wife. Only he is suspecting her but not his family. She provokes him against Kannamma and leaves from there.

Anchor comes to stage and starts the programme. She says to them that all competiton was over now. Its time to announce the result. She says to them that totally 5 rounds conducted to check their Love, Brilliancy, Talent, Cooking and Physical strength. Everyone participated well. They give Participants certificate to last three position. She called Bigg Boss Title winner Aari as chief guest on stage. She asks him to share about him to all. He gives energetic words to all with peace of advise. Everyone clapps for his speech. Education won’t give respect to him. Its not important to win in education because Life is education to all. Anchor appreciates him. She asks Aari to announces the 3rd position.

Salem Sundar family won the 3rd prize. Aari gives the cheque and certificate to them. She says that its very tough time for them to decide the first and second place. Both family played well in the competition. Not only this both family maintained good friendship with each other. Anchor asks Kannamma, Soundarya, Bharathi, Akhilan and Anjali come to the stage. Soundarya asks Bharathi to come on stage instead of showing attittude. Everyone goes to the stage. Anchor asks Sivagami family to come on stage. Sandhya, Saravanan, Sundaram , Adhi and Paaru goes to stage. Venb glares them. Anchor says that Mother and Daughter in law relationship was mesmerizing one. Such a good bond.

Aari says to them that its always an important moment to choose who is first and second. Anchor asks Sandhya to say her opinion. Sandhya says to them that her family will be happy if she win. But she will be more happy if Kannamma win it. Anchor asks Kannamma to share her opinion. She says to them that She will be happy if Sandhya win it. 5lakhs money is not important to her then participating with Soundarya is more important to her. Aari says that already Kannamma won everyonr heart with her character.

Aari gives count down and announces the winner is Sandhya and Saravanan family. Parvathy gets irritate to hear it. Anchor asks Sandhya to say something. Sandhya says to all that nobody is winner and losser according to her. Sandhya says that Sivagami went to home. She is missing her mother in law a lot. She is dedicating this title to her. She is happy for sharing such beautiful moments here. Sandhya shares her happiness with them. Everyone clapps for her. Sandhya says that she got one sister after she came here. She praises Kannamma for always beside her and prays for her to win the title. Anchor asks Sandhya to say about Saravanan. Sandhya says to all that she will thank him life long. Saravanan shares few words about him. Everyone clapps for him. After Saravanan Sundaram says to all that its unnecessary to conduct thie programme here to understand our family. We can conduct it in our family. Aari gives the cheque and Trophy to Sandhya family.

Anchor asks Soundarya to share something. Soundarya shares to all that she is so happy for participating in this programme. She feels like active after long time. She praises their each and every rounds of that programme. She asks everyone to love their family. She is so happy to spend time with her son and daughter in law. Anchor asks Kannamma to say something. She appreciates Sandhya for winning the competition.

Anchor praises Kannamma for being simple and supportive nature. Anchor asks Bharathi to say something. He congratulate all lossers and winners too. Anchor appreciates them. Aari gives the cheque and Trophy to them. Aari gives speech to all after that. He shares his experience in the Bigg Boss. Everyone clapps for Aari and gives bouquet to him. He thank all and leaves from there.

Episode end.