Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Archana lashes out at Senthil

Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 2nd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Archana is singing in her room Senthil comes there and questions her Is she happy today? Archana questions him why is he asking like this? He tells her that she wishes to escape from his mom and tried to go anywhere for arrested two days but she ended up in resort due to lock down.

Archana says everything is perfect except his family members. Senthil says it’s not a matter because they are staying in separate room. Archana complaints that he wanna pay rent for everyone here. Senthil too fears about the bill. Archan leaves to take bath there. Senthil notices bathrobe there and says he saw this all in movies only. He wears it and stares himself in mirror and admires him.

Senthil thinks what will Archana say after see him in this dress. Just then Archana comes there wearing bathrobe. Both gets happy to see see each other. Senthil asks her to say how he is looking in this dress? Archana says he looks comedy in this dress. Both are teasing each other and dances for a romantic song there. Senthil tries to romantic with each other.

Archana thinks that she didn’t bring tablets here if she allows him to touch her then she will be pregnant. She says to him that she is tired. Senthil leaves to take bath. Archana thinks that Sandhya is happy not giving birth to baby then why should be pregnant. She won’t be pregnant.

Soundarya calls to Venu and says to him that they shifted her to another room. It’s not looking like hospital. Venu says his friend hospital that’s why giving special treatment to her. Soundarya says her words turns to be true. She alerted him that they will announce Lock down. Venu says to her she is correct or else he would have feel bored in house. Venu informs to Soundarya that they met Sivagasi family there. Soundarya says that she can’t able to forget that Kannamma gave up for Sandhya.

Soundarya feels happy to know he got a company there. Soundarya asks Venu to give phone to Sandhya. He informs to her she didn’t came here. Soundarya says she is a good girl. Venu says he saw one more good girl here. Soundarya questions him who is that new one? Venu mentions Anjali name and narrates to her how did she took care on him. Soundarya feels happy to see the changes in Anjali.

Venu says that he used to worry about Akhil life but he is happy now. At least they are happy with Akhil life. Soundarya says to him that being a mom Anjali can’t able to do any wrong things. Now days he saw another one Kannamma in Anjali. Soundarya asks Venu to don’t allow Anjali to work here. Venu nods and asks her to take tablet on correct time. Soundarya says to him that Bharathi also stucked in lock down.

Anjali is checking her mobile. Akhil comes there and pretends like sneezing. He teases Anjali for giving medicine to Venu when he sneezed. Anjali questions him Is he said anything to him but Akhil deny it. Akhil shares to Anjali that he don’t like her from the beginning because of her wrong doings. He tried a lot to change her but everything end up fail. So he started teasing her for small things to hurt her. He expected her to change on that time. Anjali says to him that she felt ashamed to think about it.

Akhil says to her that she changed now so he is very happy now. When she tried to take care of Venu he never saw any intention behind it then love. Akhil thank her for changing. Anjali says to him she wanna thank him for waiting these many days patiently. They take care of her a lot these many days. Anjali opens up with him why did she changed. She craved for love and thought why didn’t no one living her but Kannamma. Later she understood she wanna love all to get love in return. Akhil and Anjali tries to be romance with each other and spends quality time with each other.

Anjali gets a chest pain. Anjali tries to call Akhil. She thinks why did she getting chest pain often she wishes to hide it from Akhil. Senthil thinks that he wishes to romance with Archana but she is not in good mood. He questions her why is she talking like this? Archana complaints that he is not understanding her at all. Senthil compares Archana with corona virus. Archana notices Saravana and complaints that first virus came. Senthil dislikes the way she mentioned him as virus. Archana picks a fight with Senthil for accompanying them to here not trusting them. Archana keeps arguing with Senthil for bringing them there.

Senthil asks to her if she don’t like this all then why did he come here. Saravana comes there. Archana warns Senthil if he tries to blame her then she won’t allow him to near her. Archana glares Saravana and leaves. Saravana says to Senthil that its good break for business man. He questions Senthil Is he fighted with Archana? Senthil questions him why did they accompanied them why don’t they allow husband and wife to go alone? Senthil complaints that he is not happy at all and leaves from there. Anjali sits there silent. Venu asks Anjali to share with them if there is any problem.

Anjali lies to him nothing like that she just wished to keep one doctor near her. Akhil informs to Venu that Bharathi will send one doctor here. Venba comes there and waves at them. Venu and Akhil gets shock to see her. Venba questions them why are they shocked to see her like this? She informs to him that Bharathi asked her to stay with Anjali for 4 days at least. Anjali and Akhil dislikes do see her there and thinks Bharathi didn’t get good doctor to send here.

Venba enquires to Anjali why is she scared? In pregnancy time everyone will be like this only. Venba checks Anjali there and informs to all she is alright. Venba shares her happiness with them and leaves. Akhil lashes out at Bharathi for sending Venba here. Anjali also says she don’t like Venba at all.

Akhil questions them who is she to interfere in their family matters. Shanthi comes there Akhil complaints that another one virus came. She takes the mobile and glass and leaves from there. Akhil gets angry but Venu convinces him. Shanthi comes near Venba and says to her she is singing here unaware of what’s going on here?

Venba says she know it all. Shanthi says that Venba has no shame at all. Akhil said Venba has no shame she is not a girl at all. He said that he will slap Venba with slipper if she try to do anything wrong. Shanthi alerts her that Akhil is villain in her love story. Shanthi is keep provoking Venba against Anjali and Akhil. She says to her if Anjali gives birth to a baby boy then everything will go against Venba. If one baby boy comes there then Bharathi will never think about another marriage.

She asks Venba to make them believe Bharathi needs another wife to give boy heir to that family. Shanthi provokes her and leaves from there. Venba gets irritate to think about it. Venba thins that not only Kannamma but also Anjali is her enemy too.

Episode end.