Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 3rd April 2021 Written Update: Kannamma and Soundarya’s bond

Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 3rd April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sandhya and Saravanan are staring the trophy. Saravanan says to her that he saw trophies in educated person house. Sandhya says to him that she won many trophies in school and college. Her house is filled with this. But Mani made a situation that she was helpless to protect those trophies while sell her house. Saravanan says to her nothing to worry let’s place this torphy in our house proudly. Sandhya deny it reasoning we wants to make Sivagami accepts them.

After her anger calm down we can do rest. Sundaram comes there and says to them she will forgive them. Sundaram enquires about Sandhya’s health. She replies to him that she is feeling better now. They gets blessing from him. Sundaram asks them to participate in many competition. Sundaram says to them that Sivagami might thinking about them. Sundaram says to them that he is feeling good that he is satisfied seeing their understanding. Sundaram says to them don’t spend too much time in sweets stall instead of roam around with Sandhya.

Soundarya is sitting alone. Kannamma comes there and asks her to talk with her. Soundarya complaints to Kannamma that she failed to win the last round. She thought she will definitely win the last round. Physical task is not about task its reflects that how one lady protecting her family. Soundarya asks to Kannamma Is she left the hand intentionally or helplessly. So still she is angry on her. Kannamma replies to her that she intentionally gave up. She don’t wanna prove to everyone that we are good mother and daughter in law. If Sandhya win this competition then she will get a life that’s why she gave up for her.

Soundarya complaints that Kannamma gave up on Soundarya. Soundarya scolds Kannamma for lossing 2 lakhs. Kannamma feels emotional. Soundarya starts laughing and says to her that she was teasing her. Soundarya feels proud of Kannamma for her good intention. She clears to her that she understood she gave up for Sandhya. Kannamma feels happy to hear it. Soundarya says to her that money is not real prize but the days she spend with her is most important one to her. Parvathy evesdrop their conversation.

Soundarya appreciates Sandhya for won the competition. She applies vermillion on her temple and bless her. She gives money to her but she refuses to accept it. Soundarya says to her that she deserve it she must accept it like mom giving it to her. Soundarya says to her that she played well. She deserve this title if Sivagami see it then she would have understand her. Sandhya nods with her. Sandhya says to her that she missed Sivagami a lot. Soundarya assures to her that Sivagami will accept her soon. Soundarya asks her to take care of her husband. Who is very supportive to her.

Sandhya assures to her. Soundarya asks Sandhya to enquire about her whereabouts. She narrates to her. Soundarya asks to her doesn’t she has aim to study further? She nods and explains to her that she wants to become IPS. Her brother lied to them and got her married to that family. She came to know the truth later. She forgot about her education and aim after understanding Saravanan’s good nature. Later everyone came to know about her education.

Everyone shocked to know it. Slowly slowly everyone accepted her but Sivagami didn’t. Soundarya feels pity for her. Soundarya says to her that she tortured Kannamma a lot before days. She hated Kannamma’s black colour. She tortured het not even showing mercy to her not even considering she is a motherless child.

Kannamma is the one whom taught her color is nothing but pure heart is important. After that she felt Kannamma is the world brauty to her. Kannamma changed her whole life. Sandhya feels proud of Kannamma. When destiny allowed them to stay together they failed to enjoy that moment now she craved to be with her but destiny planned something else. Her only wish is to see her uniting with her husband. Soundarya says to her that Sivagami will also understand Sandhya the way she did with Kannamma. Don’t give up on fighting. Sandhya nods. Soundarya wishes her best of luck and leaves from there.

Mahasangamam episode end.