Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 5th April 2021 Written Update: Sivagami lashes out at Sandhya

Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 5th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tulasi asks Kannamma to pack her bag. Kannamma enquires to her about Lakshmi. Kannamma shares to Tulasi that she is so happy for spending time with Soundarya. Tulasi says to her that she got beautiful days here though Kannamma face looks dull. Kannamma informs to Tulasi that Bharathi approached her and picked a fight with her. She is not less she gave fitting reply to her. Tulasi gets shock to hear it. Kannamma shares her worst fear to her. She fears that Lakshmi may confess all truth to Hema or Bharathi while talking. Tulasi says to her that nothing to worry their trip is over now. Lakshmi asks Kannamma to accompany her to massage centre. Its feeling good to sit in the machine. Kannamma refuses to go with her and asks Lakshmi to pack her things. Lakshmi asks Kannamma to stay here one more week. Kannamma lashes out at Lakshmi and raise her hand to beat her. Tulasi stops her and support Lakshmi. She runs out while crying.

Tulasi says to Soundarya that Lakshmi is adamant not to pack her things. She wishes to stay here one more week. Even Kannamma raised her hand to beat her. Soundarya gets shock to hear it. Tulasi asks Soundarya to approach Kannamma to gets rights to upbring Lakshmi. She will feel happy to enjoy the luxurious life. Soundarya assures to Tulasi that she will talk with Kannamma about it. Kannamma worries about Lakshmi’s behaviours. She doubts why is Lakshmi wishes to stay here. She craves for luxurious life too. Soundarya meets Kannamma and asks to her to stay with her one more week. Kannamma deny it reasoning Lakshmi has school to attend and she has cooking work too. Soundarya says to Kannamma that she loves to stay with Lakshmi. Her talks is bliss to hear. Soundarya shares her grief to Kannamma. She says to Kannamma that she wishes to gift something to Lakshmi. Soundarya asks Kannamma to give Lakshmi to her to upbring her with all luxurious life. She wants to fulfill all her wishes. She shares her wishes to Kannamma. Kannamma starts crying and questions her how will she give her only daughter to her. She is the world to her. She says to Soundarya that one mother will face all sorrows but never ever give het child to anyone. Kannamma informs to Soundarya that she never let Lakshmi starve any day. Soundarya agrees that she knew it. Kannamma questions Soundarya Is she can replace her mother’s place? Soundarya feels guilty to hear it. Kannamma gives the half of the winning amount to Soundarya reasoning its right. Soundarya wishes to meet Lakshmi.

Soundarya meets Lakshmi and informs to her that she is leaving. Soundarya advises her to keep study well and go to swimming class. Lakshmi asks Soundarya to talk with Kannamma about it. She nods. Bharathi is waiting outside. Venba comes there and questions him Isn’t he ready to go now? Bharathi shares to her that he is ready all competition was over now. Bharathi teases Venba for doing silly things to stop Kannamma. Soundarya comes there and thank Bharathi for staying with her respecting her words. She thank him for supporting her. Soundarya questions Venba why is she stick with Bharathi always? Bharathi says to her that he took her with him. Lakshmi meets Kannamma and question her Is she packed her swimming dress? She nods. Kannamma asks to Lakshmi Is she wishes to live a luxurious life? Lakshmi replies as little. Sandhya and Saravanan comes there and meet them. Sandhya informs to Kannamm that she is leaving. Saravanan asks Kannamma to visit their house if they come to that side. Sandhya thank Lakshmi for helping her in that question paper matters. Lakshmi says to her that she took that video for fun. Kannamma says that they failed to find out that person who is behind this all.

Sandhya thank Kannamma for gave up for her. Kannamma deny it reasoning she deserved to win the title. She compares all rounds and says it to them. Kannamma says to Sandhya that she must go to a job and rule this place. Kannamma questions Saravanan Is he don’t allow her to do it? Sandhya says to her that there is time to think about it all. Sundaram comes there. They takes Selfi with Kannamma and Lakshmi. They bids bye to them and leaves. All neighbours are welcoming Sandhya with garland. Sundaram shows the Trophy to all. Saravanan asks to him where is mom? Sivagami comes there along with Senthil. Sundaram informs to Sivagami that Sandhya won the first prize. Sivagami is standing there quite. Neighbours are praising Sandhya infront of Sivagami. Sandhya stands there nervously. Sivagami lashes out at them so everyone leaves from there. Sivagami asks them to come inside. Sundaram asks Mayil to take arathi to them. She takes arathi. Everyone enters inside the house. Sundaram asks to Senthil where is Archana?

Senthil informs to them that Archana’s father is sick so she went to take care of him. Sundaram says that we can’t give guarantee to peoples health. Saravanan asks Sivagami to say something about the competition. Sundaram explains to her that rules changed in competition. They wishes to leave but managament asks him to pay 2lakhs. Parvathy blames that Sandhya didn’t win in correct way. She cheated all. Saravana lashes out at her for badmouthing Sandhya’s victory. Sandhya swear on god’s name she played honestly. Parvathy adds that Kannamma gave up for her reasoning Sandhya pleaded to her that’s why. Sandhya deny it. Everyone leaves from there. Sivagami says to Sandhya that winning competition is not matter here but in life. She challenges Sandhya that only three months is waiting for her to prove herself.

Episode end.