Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani: Sandhya wins the final round

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Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani 2 are famous Vijay tv shows. This show has its separate fan base for the unique love story. Earlier it is seen that Bharathi, Saravanan fights with goons for misbehaving with Kannamma and Sandhya. Now its will be seen that Kannamma give up for Sandhya.

In the previous episode, it is seen that Bharathi complained to Venba that he can’t able to see Kannamma winning all the round. He blames her for bringing him here. Venba says to him that she put cockroaches in food though she escaped. Bharathi lashes out at Venba for playing with kids’ food. He says to her clearly he hates this habit of her. Tulasi asks Soundarya to bring Lakshmi reasoning she craves to live a luxurious life. Kannamma is adamant not to give up on Lakshmi. Soundarya assures her that she will talk with her. Kannamma and Sandhya notice two strangers misbehaves with girls. Sandhya beats them and informs Saravanan about it. Saravanan fears Kannamma may be in danger. As he expects goons are misbehaving with Kannamma. Saravanan starts fighting with them. When they block him Bharathi saves him. Sundaram praises Sandhya’s cooking. Parvathy gets irritating to hear it. Sandhya and Kannamma are sharing a good bond with each other. Parvathy evesdrop their conversation and wishes to seperate them.

In the upcoming episode, it’s will be seen that Akhil and Anjali meet Kannamma and asks her to win the title. Anjali mentions Kannamma as a sister for the first time. Kannamma happiness has no bounds. Akhil and Kannamma are praising Anjali’s sudden change. Sundaram meets Sandhya and asks her to prepare for the next competition. Sundaram praises Sandhya’s cooking. He advises her if she wins the title then she can able to convince Sivagami. Soundarya comes there and talks with Sandhya. She asks her to win the title. Sandhya questions her why is she asking her to win it instead of Kannamma. She says to her that both are the same to her. Sandhya admires Soundarya’s love for Kannamma. Bharathi notices Kannamma and stops her. He starts arguing with her. Kannamma is not less she is giving a fitting reply to him. Bharathi says to her that she won’t win the title. She challenges him that she will win. Saravanan gives a bouquet to Sandhya and wishes her the best of luck. Gabrilla comes as chief guest. Anchor announces the rules and regulations. Competition begins. Venba mix the sleeping pills in Kannamma and Sandhya’s juice. Only Sandhya drinks it and feeling sleepy. Kannamma and Sandhya are standing in the final round. She notices Sandhya suffering so she gives up for Sandhya. Sandhya wins the final round.

What will happen in the next episode? Who will win the title? Will Sandhya can able to win Sivagami’s heart with this competition? How will Saravanan gonna convince Sivagami? The upcoming episode will answer our all questions stay tuned to our page.