Bharathi kannamma: Bharathi to allow Hema to stay in Kannamma’s house!

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Bharathi kannamma is a famous Vijay tv show. This show has it’s separate fan base for the unique love story. Earlier we saw that the Family gave pressure to Bharathi Now viewers will see that Bharathi to allow Hema to stay with Kannamma!

In Today’s episode we see; Soundarya says to Venu that she doubt whether Bharathi calls her or argued with Kannamma? Venu says to her that it’s matter of Hema’s life so he won’t play with her. Bharathi reaches there. Soundarya enquires to him where is Kannamma? Is he really went to her house or time passed outside? Anjali comments that she may didn’t agreed to come here? Soundarya asks him to say what happened? Bharathi tells them that Kannamma refused to come here she is taking revenge on him. He narrates everything to them. Venu tells him nothing is wrong in it if Hema stays with Kannamma. Kannamma shares to Tulasi whatever happened? Kannamma is adamant in her decision. Bharathi gets shock to see Hema murmuring Kannamma’s name in sleep too. Soundarya shares her grief with Venu and tells him she expected something but everything going out of her hand. Venu tells her everything will be alright.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will see; Bharathi will come down carrying Hema and luggage in his hand. Venu will question him where is he going? Bharathi will tell him that he gonna send Hema near Kannamma. Soundarya and Venu will get happy to hear it. Hema will mention Kannamma’s name and hugs her happily. Kannamma will kiss on her forehead lovingly.

What will happen next? Will Bharathi find out the truth behind Hema’s kidnapping? Will he understands Kannamma is innocent?

The upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tuned with our space for more updates.