Bharathi Kannamma: Ganapati to take a smart move

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Vijay TV’s popular show Bharathi Kannamma never fails to entertain it’s audience with its interesting story line. Now series focuses on Bharathi on cloud nine

In the previous episode we saw; Kannamma worried about Bharathi’s condition. Her conscience alerted Kannamma to stay away from him. She mocked Kannamma for fell in love with Bharathi again. Kannamma denied it. Her conscience said to her she fell in love with him. She recalled their beautiful moments. She denied it.

Later, Akhil asked Bharathi to drive his car. Kannamma asked lift to him. Bharathi recognised her and collapsed. Meanwhile, Soundarya cooked food for Bharathi but he refused to eat it. He noticed Kannamma and collapsed again. Soundarya consoled Lakshmi and Hema.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Akhil will inform Soundarya that Bharathi got a chance to study in the New York medical University as a heart surgeon. She will be happy to hear it.

Later, Soundarya will share the happy news with Kannamma. She will request Kannamma to help Bharathi bring back his memory on his birthday. Kannamma will assure her.

Later, Ganapati will share a movie story with Bharathi. He will make him believe it’s his own story. Bharathi will be excited to meet Kannamma

What will happen next? When will Kannamma accept Bharathi?

When will Kannamma forgive Bharathi?

The upcoming episode will answer all our questions and stay in tune with our space for more update