Bharathi kannamma: Hema on cloud nine

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Bharathi kannamma is famous Vijay tv show. This show revealing truth one by one to entertain its audience. Now serial concentrating on Bharathi will promise to Hema!

In Today’s episode we see; Rohith plays song early morning which disturbs Venba’s sleep. Venba lashes out at Shanthi for disturbing her but she denies it. Rohith prays god to help him to impress Venba and make her fall for him.

Venba notices Rohith there and says this joker turned her home into temple. Venba demands Rohith to stop doing this all. Doesn’t he know to pray silent. Rohith tells her that he has an big request to god that’s why he is doing this all.

Venba demands him to say his big wish. Rohith adds that he wanna get place in Venba’s heart that’s why he prays to god. Venba pushes Rohith’s hand when did he tries to apply vermilion on her. It’s falls on him so he takes it as good sign. Venba gets irritate to see his attitude.

Later Bharathi takes Hema out but she demands him to stop his divorce

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Hema will ask Bharathi to don’t divorce her mom. Bharathi will get irritate to hear it. He will assure her that he won’t divorce anyone. Hema will demand him to promise then. Bharathi will promise to Hema surprising all.

What will happen next? Will Bharathi divorce Kannamma? How will Kannamma stop Bharathi?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.