Bharathi Kannamma: How will Kannamma tackle the situation?

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Vijay TV’s popular show Bharathi Kannamma never fails to entertain it’s audience with its interesting story line. Now series focuses on Soundarya request Kannamma to help Bharathi to get back his memory

In the previous episode we saw; Deepak revealed to Soundarya that Bharthi’s back head was heavily injured. Blood clotted there. He couldn’t say anything until he get concious. He didn’t crossed his critical stage yet. Soundarya was hurt to hear his condition. She learnt from Ganapati that Kannamma didn’t visited him yet.

Meanwhile, Pooja advised Hema to don’t hurt her father. Once she lost him it’s hard to get him back. She shares her past with her. Hema and Lakshmi plead with Kannamma to take them to hospital. She assured to help them.

Later, Soundarya learnt from the doctor Bharathi lost his memory. Soundarya was shocked to hear it.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; The Nurse will notice Bharathi repeating Kannamma’s name in his sleep. Doctor will reveal to Soundarya that Bharathi lost his memory though he remembers Kannamma.

He will ask her to bring Kannamma for futher treatment. Soundarya will plead with Kannamma to save him. She will agree to help Bharathi. Surprisingly Bharathi will fail to recognise Kannamma. The doctor will ask Kannamma to stay beside him always to bring back his memory. Kannamma will deny it.

What will happen next? When will Kannamma accept Bharathi?

When will Kannamma forgive Bharathi?

The upcoming episode will answer all our questions and stay in tune with our space for more update