Bharathi kannamma: Kannamma to help Bharathi

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Bharathi kannamma is famous Vijay tv show. This show revealing truth one by one to entertain its audience. Now serial concentrating on Sharmila to surprise Venba!

In Today’s episode we see; Soundarya, she appreciates Hema for studying in her own. Soundarya gets information that news about Bharathi is telecasting in TV. Soundarya turns on the TV and watching it. Meanwhile Kumar shares it with Lakshmi. lakshmi asks Kumar to explain what’s going on? Here Soundarya informs to Hema that Sakthi was sick she needs immediate heart transplant. Bharathi gonna do it. She asks her doesn’t that girl die if they take that girl heart? Kumar explains to Lakshmi that Ayesha’s brain is dead that’s why they are transplanting her heart to Sakthi. Bharathi doing it for free that’s why people are praising him. Lakshmi and Hema appreciates Bharathi there.Ganesh discuss with his team how could they bring heart from Viluppuram to Chennai. Everyone agrees with his idea ignoring Kannamma’s suggestion.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see: News reporters will give telecast live news about Sakthi’s heart transplant. Bharathi will narrate to viewers that they gonna take risk by collecting heart from Viluppuram to Chennai hospital through chopper. Later Heavy storm will appear pilot refuse to help them on time. Bharathi will lashes out at Ganesh for not taking responsibility. Kannamma will inform to Bharathi that she arranged everything properly heart will reach here in 1 hour.

What will happen next? Will Bharathi save Sakthi? How will Kannamma help Bharathi?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.