Bharathi kannamma: Kannamma will Insult Bharathi

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Bharathi kannamma is a famous Vijay tv show. This show has it’s separate fan base for the unique love story. Earlier we saw that Bharathi complaint on Kannamma Viewers will see that Kannamma will Insult Bharathi

In Today’s episode, we see; Inspector comes there and questions Kannamma where is Hema? Kannamma tries to explain to them she didn’t kidnap her. Inspector says to Kannamma that she kidnapped Hema for money. Soundarya stops Inspector from slapping Kannamma and supports her. Soundarya reveals to her that Bharathi blamed Kannamma in anger. Soundarya consoles her and leaves. Bharathi comes there with Venba. Venba talks with Kannamma in provoking way. Kannamma insults Bharathi when he questions her. Venba asks her goons to send Hema to north india. Hema memories the number which goons mentioned.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Kannamma will inform to the police that she has no idea where is Hema? Bharathi and Venba will reaches to police station. Venba will question Kannamma where is Hema? Where did she hidden her? Kannamma will get angry and strangle Venba’s neck. Police will help Venba to separate her from her. Bharathi will ask her to say where is Hema. Police will raise her hand to slap Kannamma but Soundarya will shout to stop. She will show the bail letter to the inspector and takes Kannamma from there. Lawyer will praises Kannamma and Soundarya’s bonding reasoning she never saw any mother-in-law running to police station to save their daughter in law.

What will happen next? Will Bharathi find out Kannamma’s innocence? Will kannamma save Hema from Venba?

The upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.