Bharathi kannamma: Sharmila plan to perform Venba’s engagement

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Vijay TV’s popular show Bharathi Kannamma and Raja Rani serials are united for Mahasangamam to entertain it’s audience. Now serial focusing on Venba will be in trouble

In Today’s episode we see; Venba notices Soundarya in super market and thinks if she get caught she will be in trouble. Venba tried to escape from her. But Soundarya didn’t let her leave. Venba pretends like asks Soundarya why is she here? Usually servants used to buy things for her right? She asks her to give list to her she will purchase it for her.

Soundarya asks her to stop acting in front of her. She is well aware who is she? She doesn’t know about her crimes? Kannamma didn’t shared it to her. If she alert her about it before then she would have killed her. If Bharathi didn’t stopped her in function them she would have killed her there. She strangled her neck in anger.

Soundarya tells her she don’t need 5 minutes to kill her but she is leaving her for Sharmila’s sake. She demands her to marry the person whom Sharmila choose for her? If she dare to mess with her son, daughter in law and grand kids life then she won’t keep quiet.

She won’t leave her for tried to harm Kannamma. She will definitely take revenge on her for it. She is well aware how will she leave from Bharathi’s life. Soundarya slaps her in anger. She tells her it’s just advantage settlement is on the way. Wait and see the result.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Venba will get shock to see Sharmila and Rohith return to home. Soundarya will give a surprise visit there. Soundarya will enquire Sharmila about Venba’s marriage? Venba will get irritate to hear it. Sharmila will assure Soundarya to perform engagement to Venba.

What will happen next? Will Kannamma confess the truth? When will Venba get caught?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.