Bharathi kannamma: Soundary asks Hema to call Kannamma as mother

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Bharathi kannamma is a famous Vijay tv show. This show has its separate fan base for the unique love story. Earlier it’s seen that Kannamma cooking sweets for all. Now it will be seen that Soundarya is giving gifts to Kannamma.

In the previous episode it’s seen that Kannamma feels emotional while hearing the song which Bharathi sang for her. Akhil and Anjali gets a blessing from Kannamma. Laksh feels suspicious of Shekhar. She refuses to eat with Shekhar’s hand and leaves from there. Bharathi and Venba reaches home. Kannamma hides seeing them. Bharathi wishes to meet the cooking lady. Soundarya diverts him.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Soundarya places money inside the sarie. She gives it to Kannamma. Kannamma refuses to accept it reasoning she is mere a cook not related to her. Hema requests Kannamma to accept it. Kannamma nods and receive it from Soundarya in her sarie edge. Hema questions Kannamma when will she come back to her house? Soundarya questions Hema why did she calling her a cooking aunty. Just say to her how is she looks like? Hema mentions her as Mother.
What will happen next? Will Bharathi meets Kannamma in his house?

What will be Venba’s next move? When will Bharathi get to know the truth? Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tuned to our page for more updates.