Bhavya Sachdeva will set your screens on fire with his recent pics

Looks are also important in the field of performing arts, believes Bhavya Sachdeva, best known for “Woh Apna Sa”. The actor, who took netizens by storm with her recent photoshoot, says looking good is important in showbiz.

“As an actor, looking pleasant attracts positive attention. For example taking care of your skin will drastically improve its quality which will protect your skin against make up sessions that an actor has to go through for different characters,” he says.

“When you start caring for your own body, you end up ‘looking good’ in the process. Looking good is important as it is show business. Overall packaging has to be there,” he adds.

Bhavya shares that he has “always drooled over the way Hrithik Roshan carries himself” and confesses that he believes in keeping up with the trends. Talking about fashion and style, he said, “Fashion is ever-changing. To me it is the combination of style, trend, innovation, creativity, courage and many other things which holds the potential of inspiring millions.”

“Style however is not bound to trends. I like to think style is a very personal thing, it might very well be a signature of the human. We get inspired all the time and yet we put into effect something that we resonate with,” he adds.

Bhavya believes in the entertainment industry there are two other things that are important – perseverance to achieve your dreams and being patient.

“Dreams are not realized easily and that’s okay, the process is hard but every moment of it is worth it. As long as you are on your journey of achieving what you are passionate about, you are realizing your dream every second. Patience is also needed. Nothing happens instantly. Mumbai is a city of dreams and things take time,” he explains.

Bhavya who has been part of shows like “Woh Apna Sa”, “Shaadi Ke Siyape”, “Pavitra Bhagya” says he never judges his characters. As an actor, he is quite imaginative and hence it becomes easy for him to sink his teeth in his characters.

“I do not judge the characters that I am playing and it makes my job even easier,” he says, adding, he likes to experiment with his roles.

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