Bigg Boss 13 11th February 2020 Written Update: Rajat Sharma shoots his questions on all the 7 contestants!

Today’s episode starts with Day 134 at 8 AM; Housemates wakes up at the beat of Punjabi song. Rashmi and Paras hugs Bigg Boss trophy. Sana pulls Siddharth’s leg and says seeing trophy he is analyzing himself. Siddharth praises the trophy.

At 9:30 PM; Rashmi asks Siddharth why he is pretending cooking food. Siddharth says to Rashmi that she should focus on having food not how he is preparing it. He cracks sarcastic joke on Rashmi and asks her to hide the left over leaves. Everyone laughs. Siddharth Shukla does the commentary on Rashmi’s act. Later, all the 7 contenders sits inside the car which is kept for the finale day. Further, Siddharth and Shehnaz does the cute nok-jhok. Shehnaz forces Siddharth and asks him to say I Love You to her.

At 2:30 PM; Contenders gets surprised seeing witness box and Paras guess that ‘Aap Ki Aadalat’ person will come. Bigg Boss announces and welcomes Rajat Sharma. Contestants welcomes him and he meets everyone. Rajat Sharma first calls Rashmi Desai to the witness box.

Rajat Sharma asks Rashmi why she hides the thing. Rashmi says because stealing is legal inside the house. Rajat further showers questions on Rashmi and she defends herself. Rajat shows clips of Rashmi from the entire journey of her in the Bigg Boss house how she used to do back bitching. Rashmi defends herself. Afterwards, Rajat showed the clip of Salman Khan exposing Arhaan Khan and Rashmi proposing Arhan. Rajat asks Rashmi Desai how under 48 hrs of knowing a big truth about Arhaan Khan’s wedding and child she proposed her. To which Rashmi says she was in a state of shock and Rajat says re-question than how cum the shock lasted for only 48 hrs only. Rashmi explains and says she can’t detach herself from Arhaan overnight.

Next question on Rashmi Rajat picked about her fight with Siddharth Shukla. Rashmi shares her point of view and says her compatibility does not match with Shukla.

Second, Rajat Sharma calls Paras in the witness box. He asks he is invisible in the house. Paras says after got scolding from Salman Khan he got little disturbed thus he got distracted. Rajat showers question Paras on his relationship with Akansha. Paras says he never asked Akansha to help him out from his behind and after going out he will do closure with her.

Further, Rajat Sharma calls Asim Riaz to the witness box. He question Asim why he don’t control his aggression. Asim says house environment is such a way where he one looses it cools. he gives a be-fitting reply to Rajat’s question. Rajat shows video clip of Asim’s anger. Asim says because of his struggle he has temper in himself thus sometimes he loses cool soon.

Next, Rajat shows the clip of Asim doing back-bitching. Asim Asim defends himself.

Siddharth Shukla gets questioned on his arrogant behavior inside the house by Rajat Sharma. Siddharth defends himself. Rajat shows him the clip of his arrogant behavior in the house. He asks Sid not to justify any video because all is wrong. Siddharth says yes it is wrong and says he is clear with his thoughts. Episode ends

Precap: Aap Ki Adalat continues with Siddharth Shukla. Actor Vicky Kaushal promotes his upcoming horror movie Bhoot.