Bigg Boss 13 13th February 2020 Written Update: Mahira Sharma gets evicted | Siddharth and Aarti sees their Bigg Boss journey

Today’s episode starts with Paras try to making contenders scare as per secret task. He asks them to watch the moon as it is different today. Rashmi asks girls to tie their hairs. Asim, Aarti don’t take it seriously. Aarti makes Mahira scare and Mahira asks Aarti not scare her as she has already experienced such things. There, Paras tells to Sid that she has seriously seen someone in the captain room. Sid refuses to believe her. Other side, Mahira tells to Rashmi, Asim, Aarti and Paras how she got possessed after coming back from her shoot.

At 1 PM; Bigg Boss welcomes and wishes Vicky Kaushal for his upcoming movie. Vicky says he is happy to be here as he has followed the show from very long. He tells about his upcoming movie ‘Bhoot’. He asks Bigg Boss about the task given by Paras and Sid to scare housemates and gets excited.

At 1:15 PM; Vicky says let’s play with lights. Sana and Paras looks for Siddharth and finds him missing. Lights of the house switch ON and OFF. Lights flicker and Aarti, Mahira, Sid and others finds stuffs broken on the ground. They run here and there. Asim asks everyone to be together and don’t go outside. Vicky asks Bigg Boss to do something at washroom area. Aarti, Mahira, Sana sees toy and shouts. Afterwards, Vicky tells to Paras and says till he comes inside he asks him to engage contenders in the garden area.

Sana sees someone inside the house and calls everyone. They sees someone in the captain room and shouts. Later, Vicky Kaushal unveils himself and meets the contenders. He shares a talk with them and gets happy. He promotes his upcoming movie ‘Bhoot (Part 1).

At 2 PM; Vicky says today amid Aarti, Mahira and Shehnaz one will go with him for sure. He asks Paras to bring the stuff kept in store box. He performs a nomination task with all the 7 contenders. He asks Aarti, Mahira and Sana to say few words as it’s last moment in the house. Aarti gets teary while saying thank you to Bigg Boss and Salman Khan. Shehnaz and Mahira too leaves a message. Vicky asks Bigg Boss to switch-off the lights and Mahira’s name pops out. Mahira cries hugging Paras and says her dream got over. Paras consoles her. Mahira meets everyone. Bigg Boss asks Mahira to accept the fact. Asim says few motivating words and leave the house with Vicky Kaushal. Mahira cries loud before leaving.

At 2:30 PM; Bigg Boss asks all the contenders to gather in the garden area. He announces that Aarti, Sid, Sana, Paras, Rashmi and Asim is Top 6 finalist of the season and congratulates them. He says from now on-wards whole world is going to vote for them.

Day 138 At 8 AM; Housemates wakes up at the beat of song.

At 2:30 PM; Shehnaz shares a talk with Asim and says how it feels becoming the trophy.

At 7 PM; Bigg Boss asks Shehnaz how she is feeling after becoming a finalist. Shehnaz says she is excited. Bigg Boss than says from 17th her marriage will start as they are getting many proposal for her. He asks her to distribute the card to the housemates firsts. Later,Band Baaja comes and everyone dances on the beat of music.

Afterwards, Bigg Boss calls Aarti Singh to come outside to witness her Bigg Boss journey. Aarti gets happy seeing the crowd taking her name. Bigg Boss says few words about Aarti’s journey and shows the clip of her journey. Aarti gets teary seeing the clip.

At 11:30 PM; Siddharth Shukla goes out to see his journey video. Fans shouts for him. Bigg Boss praises Siddharth’s journey. He shows him the clips. Sid gets emotional. Episode Ends with Sid hugging Sana and Asim.

Precap: Rashmi, Paras and Rashmi sees their journey and gets happy and teary.