Bigg Boss 13 14th February 2020 Written Update: Asim Riaz, Rashmi Desai, Shehnaz Gill and Paras Chabra stands teary!

Today’s episode starts with Bigg Boss. He asks Asim to come to the garden area and asks other housemates to stay back at the bedroom area. Asim comes out and fans cheers for him. They demand Asim to show his body. Asim takes out his shirt and faults his abs. Fans shouts for him. Bigg Boss introduces Asim and says an unknown face entered the house and was bullied. He has seen hurdles in the life but with the change of time he turned hero. And also found his true love in Himanshi Khurana. Bigg Boss furthers shows Asim’s so far journey. Asim enjoys watching that and after quiet a time gets teary seeing his friendship clip with Sid. Later, Bigg Boss wishes Asim good luck and fans cheers for him once again.

Asim enters the house and says it was another level and a good feeling.

Next,  Bigg Boss asks Rashmi to come to the garden area. Crowd out there cheers for her and sings birthday song for her. Rashmi gets happy and thanks Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss reads and says to Rashmi she has got the fame with her acting but in a reality show it was her first attempt. He says Arhaan entered the house for her support but his presence turned not good for her. He says it was her strong personality because in spite of that she has always covered her personal life. Bigg Boss further says Rashmi’s so far journey to her.

Rashmi gets emotional seeing her clip. Before Rashmi leaves, Bigg Boss wishes Rashmi happy birthday and says she was big star before this show and after this show she has become more big star.

At 2:30 AM; Siddharth, Paras, Aarti and Shehnaz sings birthday song for Rashmi and hugs her.

AT 3 AM; Shehnaz Gill meets the crowd and gets happy. Fans shout Sidnaz and Shehnaz enjoys. Bigg Boss praises Shehnaz and  says she is shows soul. He further shows her journey clip. Shehnaz gets teary hearing and seeing her journey.

Bigg Boss says whenever season 13 name will be taken Shehnaz’s name will always be there. Shehnaz says thank you Bigg Boss and leaves. She goes inside and says to Sid that she has seen his video where he has revealed he loves her and like more. She asks him not to take footage and from next time directly say I Love You. Rashmi says she loves Shehnaz and Sid laughs.

Lastly, Paras comes and crowd shouts for him. They demands him to say listen dear. Paras performs. Ahead,  Bigg Boss praises him for playing the game in his own style.He shows his so far journey. Paras’s eyes gets teary. Paras says to Bigg Boss that he has given him a lot and his eyes welled up more. Bigg Boss says to Paras that he out shined in the house. Paras says thank you. He goes inside and says he got emotional.

Precap:  First look of finale episode is shown.!