Bigg Boss 13 15th February 2020 Finale Episode LIVE Written Update: Siddharth Shukla wins the title of Bigg Boss 13!

Today’s opens with Salman Khan. he says this season took many exams of him and he only said one thing i.e ‘Shaant Salman Shaant’. His journey video is shown. He moves on the beat of Munna Badnaam Hua Song. Salman washing dishes and cleaning the washroom moments of his is shown.

Next, Salman Khan shakes the leg on the songs related to his journey in the Bigg Boss 13 house. He says doing the show from past 10 years is a fun indeed. Salman performs at Slow Motion song. Further, Alah Duhai hai song along with top 6 finalist (Aarti, Sid, Asim, Rashmi, Paras and Shehnaz) of the Bigg Boss 13.

Finally Salman enters the stage of Bigg Boss 13. He welcomes the audiences and says their vote will decide the trophy winner. He shares a talk. Salman Khan makes audiences meet ex-Bigg Boss 13 contestants. He cracks jokes on Tahseen Poonawal. Ahead, Salman shows what top 6 finalist is doing inside the house through MeTV. Siddharth and Shehnaz is seen talking. Sid is seen consoling Shehnaz and asks her to keep smiling.

Next, Bigg Boss wishes top 6 finalist a very good luck. He asks them how they are feeling. Present contenders says yes. Bigg Boss says this season reached to the another level in terms of success. he says after few hours this house will becomes silent because they won’t be there. He says all the memories will be closed inside the house. Bigg Boss says this evening is the one of the beautiful evening and says let’s celebrate. Paras opens the champagne and Aarti, Sid, Asim, Rashmi and Shehnaz cheers with each other.

Bigg Boss shows Aarti, Sid, Asim, Rashmi, Paras and Shehnaz what their Parents are saying. Rashmi cries loudly seeing her mother. Asim’s mother cries while leaving a message for him. Sid’s, Aarti’s , Shehnaz’s, Paras’s mother too leaves a message for them. Rashmi’s mother praises her for staying strong inside the house in spite of Arhaan’s controvresy.

Ahead, Salman Khan meets the top 6 finalist through control tv. He shares a talk with them. He shows their Parents and Rashmi breaks down seeing her mother. Further, Salman khan cracks a jokes and makes a happy environment.

Afterwards, Salman Khan promotes ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karoge’ show with Shehnaz Gill. He next, shows Bigg Boss 13 trophy and finalist gets excited. Lastly, Salman Khan wishes Aarti, Sid, Asim, Rashmi, Paras and Shehnaz good luck. He than shows Bigg Boss 13 ex-contestants. Salman than talks with Abu Mallik, Devoleena, Vishal, Himanshi and others.

Further, Salman shows the clips of Bipasha Basu than  Sunil Gorver disguise as Donal Trumph, Shahrukh Khan, Ajay Devgan, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Salman Khan and tells how Bigg Boss 13 is famous. Next, Salman asks Aarti, Sid, Asim, Rashmi, Paras and Shehnaz to take a selfie before one leaves the house coming this close to the finale.

After the selfie; Salman says one out of 6 will be evicted now. He further shows a briefcase of 10 Lac rupee and the one who has a doubt that their possibility of winning is less can walk out taking the money. Paras presses the buzzer and walks out from the house taking the money.

Salman welcomes Paras on the stage and shares a talk with him. He tells to him that his decision is correct of walking out with the money. Later, Salman promotes Mujhse Shaadi Karogi with Paras.

Next, Paras, Shehnaz and Mahira performs a dance together. Second, Asim and Himanshi does a romantic dance. Ahead, Sunil Grover disguised as Amitabh Bachchan and entertains the audiences. Salman Khan laughs at his comedy a lot. Further, Salman says he has brought a surprise and says they are taking Aarti, Sid, Asim, Rashmi and Shehnaz to Abu Dabi a free holiday trip. He further says not to the winner but the rest 4 who will left behind. On the stage, Salman Khan welcomes Harbhajan Singh and Mohamad Kaif. Harbhajan Singh promotes the upcoming cricket series with Salman. He further, plays a cricket with Salman.

Ahead, Harbhajan Singh and Mohammad Kaif enters the house and meets the top 5 finalist. They promotes Shehnaz Gill’s upcoming show ‘ Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’ and dances with the finalist on the beat of dhol.

Salman says now from 5 they will become 4. He asks Aarti, Sid, Asim, Rashmi and Shehnaz to wait for a while. Aarti’s mother enters the house and she gets evicted. Salman praises Aarti for her powerful performance inside the house. He calls her at the stage and shares the talk with her and dance with her after she demands him to shake a leg with her.

Other side, Guthi enters the house with Dhol and promotes Shehnaz Gill’s new show. Guthi gives advice to Shehnaz Gill and entertains the contenders. Later, Vishal and Madhurimma performs a dance. Ahead, Rohit Shetty along with Khataron Ke Khiladi contestant enters the stage and promotes the show.

Next, Rohit Shetty meets the top 5 finalist and promotes his upcoming show Khatron Ke Khiladi and gives a stunt to perform with Sid, Asim, Rashmi and Shehnaz. Further, Rashmi gets evicted from the race of finale.

Rashmi enters the stage and shares a talk with Salman. Sid, Asim and Shehnaz becomes the top 3. Sid and Rashmi performs a sensuous dance at Aang Laga De Re Song! Later, Shehnaz Gill gets evicted. Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz becomes the TOP 2.  Shehnaz Gill and Sid’s dance video is show.

Further, Siddharth Dey does the live reporting form Assam and takes the review from Celebrities as who will win the show. Ahead, Salman Khan shows Sid and Asim’s dance performance. Bigg Boss asks Sid and Asim to switch off the Biig Boss house lights and come out from the house. And lastly, Salman announces the trophy winner. Siddharth Shukla wins the title of Bigg Boss 13.