Bigg Boss 13 1st February 2020 Written Update: Himanshi Khurana gets badly injured while performing the task!

Today’s episode starts with Day 124 At 3:45 PM; Asim asks Paras why he is keeping the cash now in the sack. Paras say it is written to keep money in the sack. The duo argues. Later, Vishal argues with Sid for keeping the sack on the table. There, Sid comes out from the small block and call Sana. Sana showers the kisses on him. She asks Sid to praise her. Sid says she has opted good dress and praises her. Further, Sana demands Sid to kiss her and Sid kisses her on forehand.

Buzzer rings, housemates argues when Asim says he will go to shower the cash. Mahira and Sid argue with him. Asim then says that Mahira will go. Mahira drops the cash and connections collect them.

At 4:30 PM Buzzer rings and connections counts the money.

At 5 PM; Bigg Boss asks if counting is done than tell. Kasmera asks Vikas to tell first as the previous day they told fisrt. Vikas says they have 710 cash and Shehbaz says they have 500 cash. Later both the teams decide to counts in front of all.

Vikas’s team won and Bigg Boss asks him to tell whom he is evicting from the race of captaincy. Vikas takes the name of Aarti and Vishal. Further, Kasmera calls Aarti and gives advices to her and asks her not to trust anyone.

At 5:15; Vikas makes the strategy with Shefali for the further rounds. Aarti asks Vikas if he has planned before to evict her. Vikas says because Kasmera was playing double game.

At 5:45PM; Shehbaz, Kasmera, Vishal and Kunal makes the task strategy.

At 6 PM; Himashi says to Sana that last moment they changed the decision and evicted Aarti unexpectedly. Afterwards, Vikas argues with Sana. Aarti interrupts and says none will play game according to him. Vikas then asks don’t play with him. Sana, Kasmera and Aarti says now they will play for Asim.

Buzzer rings and tasks starts. Asim showers the money and in a runs of fetching money Himanshi falls unconscious. Devoleena shouts for Himanshi. Shefali, Aarti, Vishal, Rashmi and others worries for Himanshi. Bigg Boss asks Sid and Asim to bring Himanshi to the store room.

Meanwhile, Shefali and Aarti argue when Shefali accuses their strategy was not good. Kasmera says we can sit quiet and can show Himanshi a concern.

At 7 PM; Sana says to Kasmera that Sid has no feeling for her but his words are hurting her. She says she will make Sid to promise her. Kasmera asks Sana not to do this. Sana calls Sid and says just two week is left and asks him not to talk with her as his words are hurting him. Sid says fine. Other side, Sid talks with Aarti and tells to her whatever Sana talked with her. Later, Sana and Sid argues with each other. Shehnaz says she keeps the expectation with him. Sid says not only to him but with all.

At 7:30 PM; Sana goes to meet Sid and asks him why she don’t understand her. Sid says because if don’t want to. He says he wants to go out. Sana hugs him. Meanwhile, Himanshi comes and housemates meet her. She rests.

Later, Vishal asks Vikas to clean the utensil. Vikas says he wil do of dinner and asks Vishal to clean the left over utensils. Sid interrupts and argument happens between Vishal and him.

At 10 PM; Bigg Boss says this is not the first time when task got canceled by anyways. He says at the crucial phase this task is canceled too and none will become the captain. Bigg Boss than asks who got the cash during the task. Shehbaz and Vikas say they have the cash. Bigg Boss says they will get special power and asks the duo to come to the confession room. He gives Shehbaz and Vikas a chance to save one amid Aarti and Vishal from the nomination. The duos saved Aarti from the nominations. Kasmera gets teary hearing Aarti is saved from the nomination. Asim asks Vishal not to lose hope. Vishal says never.

Day 126; At 8 PM; Housemates wakes up at the beat of song.

At 10 AM; Shehbaz and Vikas tells to Sana that Sid was looking for her. Sid calls Sana and asks her to come out when Sana was trying to hide herself from him.

Afterwards, Shefali reads about the Anmol coconut oil task. Two teams get made. One team will be leaded by Sid and second team by Asim. Sid team includes, Mahira, Paras and Aarti while in Asim’s group Rashmi, Vishal and Shehnaz. Connection becomes the buyer.

At 6 PM; Sid starts the task and shares the quality of Paras. Next, Asim tells the quality of Sana. Sid defends the point raised by Asim on Sana. He says she is a flipper and keeps his point of view and says it’s her character. Asim defends. Buzzer rings and Kasmera buys Paras.

At 6:30 PM; Shehbaz comes for the buyer of Vishal. Asim speaks for Vishal and Sid speaks for Aarti. Sana interrupts and Sid asks her to come and speak on behalf of Asim. Sana gets angry and yells at Sid for describing her character. Sod asks her to shut up. After discussion, Shehbaz buys Vishal.

At 6:45 PM; Buzzer rings and Asim speaks with Rashmi and praises her. Siddharth speaks about Mahira. Vikas buys Mahira.

Shefali prays Asim and Sid for performing the task well and Shukla wins the task.

At 7:15 PM; Sana announces and warns everyone not to portray her flip as negative. Sid gets angry and says she is not loyal and everyone knows her. Sana yells back at Sid and says everyone flips in this show and says whenever she will feel she will flip. Sid asks her to carry on. Sana calls Sid the loser.

At 7:30 PM; Shehbaz goes to Sana and says Sid flips and keep going to Mahira and Mahira. Sana asks him to shut up. Shehbaz asks Sana why she opened her secrets to Sid. Sana says

At 7:45 PM; Devoleena says to Sana Sid didn’t said anything about character. Sana says Sid said by flipping person’s character is revealed. She adds because something Sid like about her than only he is with her.

At 10 PM; Sana, Vishal, Mahira, Rashmi, Devoleena, Asim, Shehbaz cracks jokes and laughs. Later, Himanshi says to Asim she is not a right girl for him. Asim says fine and talks with him.

Episodes Ends Sana tries to talk with Sid on Vikas’s advice. Sid says he don’t want to talk with her. He asks her to go out and sleep. Sana goes and comes back again. Sid gets angry on Sana and asks her shut up her mouth.

Precap: Salman says to Asim by repeatedly following Himanshi he is looking fool outside and irking others.