Bigg Boss 13 23rd January 2020 Written Update: Vishal gets the punishment from Bigg Boss for cheating!

Today’s episode opens with Day 116 at 3 PM; Asim asks Aarti if she had eggs. Aarti says yes. Shefali asks Asim he take her eggs. Asim says to Shefali no.

At 3:15 PM; Asim vents out at Siddharth after he accuses him having more food in front of Rashmi and Vishal. Rashmi and Vishal asks him to calm down.

At 6 PM; Sid, Shhenaz, Paras, Mahira and Shefali discuss about Abu and about his personality. While talking Shehnaz gets upset with Sid. Sid says he doesn’t understand what happened. He says this is called flip. Sid goes to Shehnaz and she gets irks with Sid. Shehnaz says Sid is trying to defame her.

At 7:15 PM; Rashmi asks Paras how much chapatti he will have. Paras say he will not eat chapatti made by her. Mahira, Shefali and Sid say the same. Other side, Rashmi tells to Shehnaz, Asim that in order to avenge her Paras and group do not want to have prepare food made by her. Asim asks her to ignore.

Later, Sid meets Shehnaz and talks with her and tries to sort their problem.

At 10:30 PM; Paras sits upset. Mahira and Shefali ask what happened to him. Mahira asks Paras till he didn’t clear from Akansha he will be upset. Paras says he is not affected and then discuss with Shefali and Mahira that he is not understanding why Akansha disclosed she is doing things in his absence. He doubts something has happened outside thus she opened up. Paras say he wants to move on. Shefali asks Paras to go outside and do the closure because his relationship with Akansha is toxic and can affect both.

Day 117; At 8 AM: Housemates wakes up at the beat of ande ka fanda song.

At 10:30 AM; Shehanz and Shefali does the verbal argument over making food.

At 10:45 AM: Paras asks if Shehnaz if she will clean washroom too. Shehnaz says she is making food. Paras say but this is not her duty. Shehnaz says she wanted to make food thus making. Afterwards, Rashmi and Paras does the verbal argument.

At 11:15 AM; Sid asks what Shehnaz says. Shefali say Shenaz always have mood swings. There, Shehnaz asks Rashmi

At 12 PM; Shehnaz asks Sid how is his wife. Sid says who Aarti. Shehnaz asks Aarti to marry Sid. The duo argues. Sid says to Shehnaz that she is here to make boyfriend. Later, Sid asks Shehnaz to make him sleep. Shehnaz irks Sid and Sid gets upset.

At 1:30 PM;  Rashmi asks Sid do he too feel he got ill because of food made by her. Sid says no. Rashmi than tells to Sid that she will make something special for him.

At 4 PM; Bigg Boss announces for captaincy task. He highlights Asim and Sid’s recent fight and says the duo can’t take part in this task. Shefali reads out the rules of captaincy task.

At 4:15 PM; Siddharth makes the game strategy with Paras, Shefali and Mahira. There, Asim makes the strategy with Rashmi and Vishal. Shehnaz supports Asim’s team.

At 4:30 PM; Tasks starts and contestants tries to fetch the eggs to put in the basket. Shehnaz, Mahira, Vishal and other run to collect the egg. Shefali locks Rashmi. Asim instruct Vishal and Shehnaz. Sid instructs Mahira and Paras. Bigg Boss asks Asim to stay out from the game. Bigg Boss asks to stop the task. Paras and Vishal fight. Shehnaz supports Asim and Vishal. Later, Asim and Paras does the verbal argument. Mahira accuse Shehnaz for backstabbing them.

At 4:45 PM; Shehnaz tells the strategy and Sid shoot the sarcastic comment on Shehnaz. Shehnaz says she has already decided that she will support Asim’s team.

At 5 PM; Sid and Shehnaz does the argument. Sid makes the task strategy with Paras and others. There, Shehnaz makes strategy with Asim, Rashmi and Vishal.

At 5:15 PM; Shehnaz calls Vishal to make a strategy. Sid comments master planner. Meanwhile, buzzer rings, contestant struggles to collect the eggs. Round gets over. Shehnaz says to Sid she hates him. She asks Sid to be in limits. Sid says her presence don’t matter to him. Ahead, Mahira wins the game and she evicts Vishal and he becomes the dictator. Asim and Rashmi get happy. Shehnaz says she didn’t knowing Sid was so mean. Verbal argument happens between Sid, Shefali, Shehnaz and Asim. Other side, Sid and Aarti makes game strategy.

Afterwards, Shehnaz tells to Asim that she got angry on Sid when Aarti mistakenly put eggs in her basket and Sid was like why she put in her. Sid over hears Shehnaz and Asim’s talk and Sid argues with Shehnaz.

Day 117; 6 pm;  At Buzzer rings task restarts and contenders inside the house struggles to catch the egg. Afterwards, when task got over Bigg Boss asks Vishal to tell the winner. Vishal changes his statement by taking Shefali and Shehnaz’s name. He says he being the dictator his decision is last.

At 6:30 PM; Bigg Boss asks Vishal to tell his decision. Vishal says this round is won by Shehnaz. Housemates argues among themselves. Ahead, Asim and Sid does the argument after Sid pokes Asim. Shehnaz supports Asim and Paras asks Sid not to talk with Sid anymore. Sid agrees. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Bigg Boss punishes Vishal for openly doing cheating.