Bigg Boss 13 2nd February 2020 Written Update Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan gets angry at Asim Riaz!

Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan entering the stage on the beat of selfie song. He welcomes the audiences and discuss about the connection task of the Bigg Boss 13. He further tells about the Hina Khan performing the task inside the house.

Hina is seen promoting her upcoming movie hacked and actress than tell about the card task with the contenders and connections. Task starts and Siddharth after the discussion gets the tag of Badshah as he rules the house. Mahira gets the tag of Ghulam. Shehnaz was given a tag of Begum .Joker tag was given to Vishal after the majority vote. Asim was given the tag of ikka. Asim thanks everyone.

There, Mahira talks with Paras and Akash and says for loyalty they are tagging her as Ghulam. Paras Begum Tag fits Mahira as fights always happen because of them. Talk between them continues.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan meets the contestants. Salman talks about the tag given to them. He first asks Mahira about her Ghulam tag. Mahira says her friendship with Paras they are taking it in a wrong way. Salman then asks Vishal why he got joker tag and he explains. Further, he asks Paras to go to store room and bring stuff kept their. Paras come with omen plate. Salman discuss with Kasmera about her talk with Aarti. Aarti tells to Salman that she finds Shukla fit for Aarti. Aarti says temperament of her don’t match with Sid.

Later, Salman asks Sana which type of guy she is looking for. Shehnaz says she want boy like Gautam Gulati and Kartik Aryan. Everyone laughs. Ahead, Salman talks with Asim about his proposal. He asks Asim if his proposal was fake or real. Asim says he just confessed his feeling. Salman asks to Asim that he why he was constantly approaching to Himanshi. Asim defends himself. He keeps his words in front of Salman and Himanshi supports Asim too. Salman says to Asim he is looking fool by constantly approaching Himanshi.

After lots of discussion; Himanshi finally confessed that she was in love with Asim. Salman than says to Asim because of him Himanshi whole life got upside down. Asim defends and says after going out he will sort everything.

Afterwards, Asim comes to the witness box and Vikas put allegation on him that he plays victim card. The duo argues when Asim speaks against Sid and Vikas supports Sid. Siddharth laughs. Next, Shefali raised point against Asim and accuses that he instigate the fight and poke other. Himanshi try to interrupt but Salman asks her not to. Asim than defends himself.

Second, Shehnaz was called to the witness box. Salman says an allegation on her is there that because of her Sid’s game is affecting. Vikas rereads the allegation and Sana defends herself that she gets affected because of her affection towards Sid. Talk between her and Salman continues. Everyone laughs along with Salman when Kasmera calls Aarti her daughter.

Next, Aarti was called at the witness box. Salman says allegation was put at her by Kasmera that she is not confident and she herself is a big confident. Aarti defends herself. Salman asks Aarti at the 18th week she wasn’t interested in taking the ticket to finale immunity and during captaincy task she was more interested in giving the immunity to Sid or Asim. Aarti defends herself.  

Salman Khan calls Rashmi in the witness box. He says Shehbaz has put an allegation on her that on Sana’s face she is something and at her back she says without Sid she is nothing. Basically Rashmi is fake. Rashmi defends herself and says she is very clear with Sana and don’t keep any expectation from her.

Afterwards, Himanshi was called at the witness box and Salman says in spite of Bigg boss warning she was telling outside news. He shows Himanshi telling to Asim and Vishal about Arhaan’s message. Himanshi defends herself and says to Salman that she already told everything to Rashmi. Rashmi says she indirectly conveyed the message but she asked Himanshi not to tell.

Devoleena speaks and tells to Salman that Rashmi didn’t know about Arhaan’s marriage too. . Himanshi says she is concerned about Rashmi thus told and Salman says much concern and signals her to go.  Rashmi gets angry at Himanshi and Arhaan and asks Himanshi to tell Arhaan she is over from him. Salman leaves and housemates discuss about Rashmi and Arhaan’s topics.

On stage; Salman Khan welcomes Hina Khan. Hina Khan promotes her upcoming movie Hacked. Salman asks the audiences to go and watch. Song from the movie played and Salman shakes a leg with Hina.

Episode ends with Salman saying he will come tomorrow at 10 PM.

Precap: Salman says Shehnaz’s journey comes to an end today and asks her to leave. Shehnaz cries hugging Aarti and Rashmi.