Bigg Boss 13 3rd February 2020 Written Update: Vishal Aditya Singh gets evicted!

Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan entering the stage on the song of tu hi toh meri dost hai. He welcomes the audiences and says this week contenders will be evicted one by one as the show is close to the finale. Salman than tells upcoming movie team MALANG entered the house. He shows the clip.

Malang team enters the house. They meet the contestants and Disha Patani, Kunal Khemu and Aditya Roy Kapoor promotes the movie. Kunal sings the song from the movie and entertains the housemates. Afterwards, Kunal calls Siddharth Aarti to re-create Aashiqui movie iconic song. Ahead, team Malang plays a task with the contestants. Task starts with Aarti and ends Asim.

Aditya Roy tells to Paras he got three votes thus he wins the task. Paras win Smith and Jones gift hamper. After team Malang leaves, Rashmi shares a talk with Devoleena about Arhaan. Devoleena says Arhan just used her fame to move ahead in life. Rashmi agrees and talk between the duos continues.

At stage; Salman says contestants talk a lot and has very good energy. He meets with the contestants and talks with them. He asks Shehnaz why none thinks she is a good competitior inside the house. Shehnaz says don’t know. Salman says well she is nominated too. Sana asks Salman not to say like that she is not getting good vibe. Talk about the threat task continues between the contestant and Salman. Later, Salman asks Shehbaz he has seen him copying Sid. He asks him to copy Sid once. Shehbaz shows how Sid walks and everyone laughs. Shehnaz and Shehbaz than shares their talk about their house and Salman laughs.

Salman says this season was a good journey as he laughed and cried too. He further show Sana’s clip where she was talking with crow. Everyone enjoys. Afterwards, caller of the week questions Shehnaz why she was talking with crow. Sana says when Sid don’t talk with her than she shares a talk with crow. Everyone laughs.

Next, Salman asks Paras to unveil the victory stand. He explains the task. Task starts with Paras and ends with Asim. Salman asks who all are nominated this week. Sid, Sana and Vishal raise hands. Salman asks connections to first leave the house. Connections meet the contestants and goes. On the stage; Salman Khan welcomes Malang movie cast. Anil Kapoor, Disha Patani, Aditya Roy Kapoor and Kunal enter the stage. Salman Khan welcomes the team. Anil Kapoor performs a task with Salman Khan. Salman was asked to speak their movie dialogue in dabangg style. Afterwards, Salman Khan meets with the contestant and performs the task with them. Use and Throw task starts with Mahira.

According to Mahira- Shehnaz is used more. Paras too destroys Shehnaz’s tissue paper. Sid destroys the tissue of Shehnaz saying people use her more and throw. Shehnaz destroys the tissue of Paras and says in supporting Mahira he has faded his game. Asim destroys of Mahira. Rashmi destroys of Sid and Aarti destroys of Sana. Task ends with Vishal destroying Aarti’s tissue. Shehnaz wins the task.

Further, Salman shows the clips of audiences where they were seen proposing their favorite contestant. Salman welcomes Dhvani Bhanusali on the stage. Singer promotes her upcoming songs and leave. Later, Salman Khan says because of less votes Shehnaz’s journey is ending in the house. Rashmi, Shehnaz and others gets shocked. Sana asks the contestants to bid good bye to her. Rashmi, Aarti and Asim asks Sana to sit as it’s a prank.

Sana meets everyone and gets ready to leave. Door opens and none believes she is going. Door closes again. Rashmi cries and hugs Shehnaz. Shehnaz cries back. Salman Khan comes and asks Vishal to go. Rashmi cries for Vishal and hugs her. He meets the other contestant and goes away. After, Vishal leaves Asim argues with Sid for washing utensils.

Rashmi agrees to wash the utensil. Sid asks who left the plate. Aarti says Sana. Sid asks Sana to wash her plate but Sana refuses, Sid washed the dish by himself. Episode ends with Salman’s good bye.

Precap: Press conferences of the present contender happenes with the fans.