Bigg Boss 13 4th February 2020 Written Update: Press Conference with the present contestants inside the house!

Today’s episode starts with day 128 At 11:15 AM; Sana says to Rashmi that she is instigating her against Asim but asks her don’t it is weird that when Himanshi came he didn’t bothered about her. Rashmi stays silent. Aarti joins the talk with Sana and Rashmi and Sana excuses herself. Aarti talks with Rashmi and asks her if she didn’t know about Arhaan’s marriage too. Rashmi says no and talks amid the duo continue.

Ahead, Sana says less people are left so let’s make a relationship. She makes Para and Mahira her mother and father, Siddharth her husband and asks Rashmi what she wats to becomes. All enjoys. Later, Sid asks Sana when she feels that she is beautiful than why she wants others to praise her. Sana replies to Sid and says she loves when others praise her. Sid gives advice to Sana.

At 9:30 PM; Sana says to Sid that he is looking fair. Rashmi asks Sana where she will do her marriage. Sana says at Punjab. Sid asks she will not marry at Mumbai. Rashmi asks Sid if he will invite her at marriage or not. She says she is talking about Sid and Sana.

At 12:15 PM; Aarti disguise as ghost to scares Shehnaz. Shehnaz gets scared and Sid enjoys. Aarti scares Asim next. Asim laughs.

At 129 Day 8 AM; Housemates wakes up at the beat of song.

At 9 AM; Sana asks Sid to tell get photo ready is said by whom. Sid says he will tell when

At 10:15 AM; Mahira says she wants 13 days to go soon as she is tired of doing work. Paras say she will miss everything later, Mahira says no. Paras ask her not to show off more and ask her to make food. Mahira gets angry on Paras. Paras gives a be-fitting reply to Mahira and asks her not to throw attitude. Verbal argument happens between Mahira and Paras. The duo fights with each other.

At 12:45 PM; Mahira asks Paras to close her bracelet. Paras ask her not to disturb her. He talks rudely with her. Paras ask Mahira not to talk with him. Aarti interrupts and asks Mahira and Paras not to argue. She asks them to be quiet.

At 1:30 PM; Bigg Boss announces that Sid captaincy is over from today. He says this week no one will be the captain of the house. He also asks the contestants to get ready for the upcoming task.

At 5:15 PM; Contestants meets the audiences for the press conference. Bigg Boss welcomes journalists in the house. He tells about the press conference. Task starts with Sid. Journalist asks Sid what changes he felt in him in the house. Sid says he was the same like he was in the outer world thus he didn’t felt any change. Same question was given by Rashmi and she explains them. Next, Rashmi was asked about her relationship status. Rashmi says she is absolutely single here. Ahead, questions were put on Rashmi, Sid, Asim, Paras, Mahira and Sana.

Journalist crosses questions Sid and Sana on their relationship status. Shehnaz and Sid answer them. One journalist asks Asim when he has girlfriend outside than why he proposed Himanshi. Asim clears he don’t have any girlfriend outside. Journalsit gets satisfied.

A journalist asks Sana all calls her flipper which means she is not loyal to anyone and keeps moving. He asks her if she wants to send such message to her fans. Sana defends herself and says people portrayed her flipper thing wrongly. But this is her real personality. Journalists shower the question on contenders and they reply them.

One Journalist tires to spice up the question and asks Paras during chess board task he was planning to unsafe Mahira. Bigg Boss interrupts and asks the Journalist not to ask anything which is not shown ever. Mahira and Paras asks the journalist to come after doing her homework. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Press conference continues