Bigg Boss 13 5th February 2020 Written Update: Shehnaz Gill gets upset with Siddharth Shukla’s statement to media!

Today’s episode starts with journalist asks Asim he proposed Himanshi was just because love angle was going inside or he genuinely loves her. Asim clears the journalist that he felt for her thus conveyed his feelings to her. Next, journalist asks Siddharth throughout the show has seen his aggressive sie. Clearing to him, Sid says his formula is simple if you set the baar than he will raise it.

Ahead, other Journalist asks to Sid that during the weekend ka vaar Salman Khan alert him that Shehnaz has fallen in love with her thus he has distanced himself from Shehnaz. Sid says he don’t think there is no then and now situation between them. Further, a question was asked to Aarti when Sid yells at her than she doesn’t react but when Rashmi says anything she gives back to her. To which Aarti replies game point of view don’t match with Rashmi so they don’t talk anything about game related else Rashmi is her good friend.

Mahira was asked her mother alerted her not to allow Paras to kiss her still she allows him to do. Mahira says she is comfortable with Paras and don’t feel his intentions are wrong. Further, Asim was questioned why he has so much of problem with Paras. Asim replies because from day one he was targeted mostly by Paras. Ahead, a journalist ask Sana her attachment she don’t get because whenever Sid needs her she always leaves him and goes in other group and does back bitching about Siddharth. Rashmi answers to the question and says Sana never does the back bitching of Sid ever. She only says she feels hurt whenever Sid gets upset with her. Shehnaz too keeps her point of view. Journalist showers the questions on contestants.  

Sid was asked while fighting with Aarti he asked her to be in her limits. What according to him is Aarti’s limit? Sid replies Aarti was threatening him that he will expose him whatever back bitching he do. So he went to her and ask tell him one thing which he has shared about anyone and Aarti was numb thus in that context he asked her to be in limits. A journalist asks Asim if he feels the show is biased than why he don’t leave it. Asim says he don’t remember when he said that but he if would have said it than he might be more hurt.

Later, Bigg Boss asks Paras to bring something from the store box. Paras brings BB Elite coat and Bigg Boss says press members will chose the Elite member. And after thevoting Rashmi Desai wins the membership. Bigg Boss congratulates Rashmi. Asim and Sid makes Rashmi wears the Elite coat. Bigg Boss asks the contenders to go back the house.

Day 129 At 9 PM; Sid goes to Sana and says her thank for her reply and asks her not to get used from now. Sana asks when she said that. Sid says she was supporting Asim when Asim was back bitching about him. The duo argues. Sana cries.  

At 9:15 PM; Rashmi comes to Sana and asks her what happened to her. Sana says she is hurt with Paras’s word as he was saying wrong about her. Rashmi consoles Sana and Sana cries and says she don’t want any media attention. There, Asim, Mahira, Paras and Sid discuss about Aism’s girl friend and tease her.

At 10 PM; Sid comes to Sana and asks her to come with him. Shehnaz refuses. Sid convinces Shehnaz and asks her to come. Sana says on one condition if he will wash utensil. Sid says he will help her.

At 10:45 PM; Aarti says to Rashmi that she is looking happy single. Paras agree with Aarti. Rashmi then asks Paras to clear his relationship with his girlfriend. Mahira interrupts and says to Paras to go out and clear with her. Paras says he don’t want to talk about it now. Later, Asim, Paras, Mahira and Rashmi says sana is with Sid only for game.

Day 130; At 8 AM; housemates wakes up at the beat of Kya karu o ladies mei hoon aadat se majboor.

Afterwards, Paras and Mahira fight over having fruit. Paras pacify Mahira. Afterwards, Paras read about the Meyballine New York task.

At 4:45 PM; Tasks starts. Aarti, Rashmi, Mahira and Sana starts doing their make up for the glamorous photo shoot task.

AT 5:15 PM; Rashmi comes for the photo shoot and tells to Bigg Boss that she wants Asim to click for her. Asim clicks Rashmi’s pics. Aarti says she wants Sid to click for her. Mahira asks Paras to click for her. Lastly, Sana too chooses Sid for taking her pics. Mahira  wins the Maybeline Glamarous photo shoot task.

At 8:30; Bigg Boss says show has entered in its 19th week and now it’s time for voting which will decide who will stay in the house. Nomination tasks starts. Bigg Boss says he will only nominate the contenders. He says all the 7 contestants are nominated today. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Paras again runis the task.