Bigg Boss 13 7th February 2020 Written Update: Fight between Asim Riaz and Siddharth Shukla | Siddharth Saves Paras

Today’s episode starts with 132 At 8 AM; housemates wakes up at the beat of song.

At 10:15 AM; Sana pleads to Rashmi once she will leave than give the utensil cleaning duty to Sid. She practices how she will go. Asim, Rashmi, Aarti enjoys. Later, Aarti asks Sid if he is getting bored. Sid says yes. Aarti asks Sid to come and make chapattis.

At 2 PM; Mahira says get ready to hear abuses. She goes to Paras and Paras talks rudely with her and says he is not feeling well and asks her to go out. There, Sana asks Sid to sacrifice for her once.

Afterwards, Paras reads about the immunity task. He says Rashmi, Asim and Sid have already reached the final week thus Paras, Mahira, Sana and Aarti will perform the task. Paras read out the instruction.

At 3 PM; Asim says Aarti, Rashmi says Sana or Aarti. Siddharth asks Asim and Rashmi whom they don’t want to safe. Asim says he don’t want for Paras and Mahira. There, Aarti, Shehnaz and Paras think whom they will save. Sid says all four are his friend thus he will save Paras. Task starts with the buzzer. Siddharth says he wants to re-pay Paras thus he will save him. Asim tries to convince Sid not to save Paras choose Aarti or Shehnaz. Sid gets adamant to save Paras.

At 3:45 PM; Task starts and Siddharth saves Paras by taking the key. Paras say he will make him cry. Paras cries and Mahira asks what happened to him. Paras say it was unexpected. Asim says Aarti was with him from day one and he ditched him.

At 4 PM; Bigg Boss says the game is to check the potential and don’t do any physical fight. Buzzer ring and Siddharth once again fetched the key. Verbal argument happens between Sid and Asim. Further, Asim and Rashmi accuses Bigg Boss that it is unfair when Shefali blocked Rashmi than that was strategy. But today he asked not to block.

Verbal argument happens when Asim accuses Siddharth for saving Paras instead of Aarti. Shehnaz gets angry on Asim and argues with him and says don’t drag her and Aarti in his fight with Sid. After the heated argument Asim says he will not say Aarti. Shehnaz says she never took the stand for Sid and if today he wants to repay by saving Paras than its fine.

At 4:15 PM; Aarti cries and Rashmi meets her. Rashmi says if key will come than she will be saved. Aarti says key will not come because Shehnaz is popular and it’s her last day in the house. Asim too joins their conversation. Shehnaz comes and says she is hurt with Asim because he didn’t take her name once. Asim gets angry and says he wants to say Aarti. Sana says she has a problem with him because she took stand for him when he needed and he didn’t take her name for once. Asim defends himself.

At 4:45 PM; Asim and Rashmi makes the game strategy. He asks Rashmi to run fast and fetch the key. Later, heated argument continues between Sid and Asim, Rashmi, Aarti and Shehnaz.

At 5:15 PM; Bigg Boss says for the task Rashmi and Asim raise the question on him. He says they said Bigg Boss is biased when he asked them to not go physical. He says because during money task what all happened with Himanshi we all saw. Rashmi cleared and says that she just raised the point when shefali got physical with her than none interrupted her in spite of that she asked Aism and Sid both not to do any sort of physical fight else anyone will be hurt. Bigg Boss agrees with Rashmi but says she was seen saying at their time only such announcement is made.

Asim and Rashmi apologize. Asim refuses to perform the task. Rashmi asks him to play the task for her.

Immunity task starts again and by Sid’s gesture Rashmi gets hurt and demands Bigg Boss to take an action.  She says she got hurt literally. Paras say to Rashmi she can’t accuse Bigg Boss.  

At 5:45 PM; Bigg Boss than announces and says he has already warned none will use any force to reach the key. Episode Ends with Rashmi getting angry at Siddharth and Paras.

Precap: Shehnaz says to Paras according to Sid she don’t deserve to be saved. Paras say to Sana that she has only supported Sid morally but never in the game. Sid and Shehnaz argue with each other.