Bigg Boss 13 8th February 2020 Written Update Weekend Ka Vaar: Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra meets the contestants!

Today’s episode opens with day 132 at 6 PM; Rashmi says to Asim let’s try once. Asim says he don’t want to as there is no use. Rashmi says but she will. Siddharth once again gets the key and takes out Paras. Rashmi stands as it is.

At 6:15 PM; Asim says to Aarti trust him as she is not going tomorrow. Aarti smiles and gets teary when Asim says he was 200% sure that Sid will take her side but he was disappointed. Later, Shehnaz says to Asim earlier he was against Aarti and suddenly he is favoring her.

Meanwhile, buzzer rings and Siddharth takes out Paras. Aarti congratulates Paras. Bigg Boss asks Rashmi, Sid and Rashmi to hand over immunity card to Paras. Paras thanks Bigg Boss and Sid. Bigg Boss announces and says Paras is saved from this week nomination.

At 6:45 PM; Sid says to Paras he is happy for him. Further, Sid apologizes to Rashmi. Rashmi says to her he did wrong by hitting her in spite of warning. Sid gives a befitting reply and duo does the verbal argument with each other. Other side, Sid says to Aarti she can think whatever she wants but he wanted to repay Paras thus he saved him. Afterwards, Paras reads out the Lays smile karke dekho task. In Team A; Asim, Aarti and Rashmi. While, Sid, Paras and Shehnaz in other team. Mahira becomes the dictator of the task.

At 8:30 PM; Paras cracks jokes to makes Asim, Rashmi and Aarti. Aarti laughs and looses point. Next, Shehnaz comes and tries to makes Team A laugh. Rashmi, Asim and Aarti sits expressionless. Next, Shehnaz, Sid and Paras sits expressionless and Asim, Aarti and Rashmi tries to makes them laugh. Shehnaz laughs every time. Sid accuses and says Shehnaz is palying from Asim’s side. Sana gets angry on Sid. Later, Team B wins.

At 9:30 PM; Rashmi calls Sana and says she is crying. She goes to her. She asks her to calm down. Shehnaz says she don’t want to talk on this topic anymore. Aarti brings coffee to Rashmi. Rashmi becomes a story teller for Sana.

At 10; Sid says he is very straight forward, Sana asks him not to show attitude. Sid says he will. Afterwards, Sid and Sana talks with each to clear their misunderstanding. Sid sarcastically taunts Sana. Paras come and Shehnaz says she was talking about him as Sid saves him. Shehnaz says to Paras that Siddharth thinks she is less deserving than him. Paras explain to Shehnaz that she has always supported Siddharth morally but never in the game. Sana defends herself and says she has played for Sid. Paras say no. Sid interrupts and says he don’t want to give clarification but Sana got influenced by Asim. Sana gets angry and duos argue with her. Afterwards, Aarti says to Sid Paras saved him in chess task because she and Sana initiated. Sid gets irked and says he is bad soul.

At 11 PM; Shehnaz says they were talking he made the issue. Paras tell to Sana that its Sid’s game let him play. He says why she is having problem when she has always said she wants Sid to win. Sana says she is not interrupting nor she has once asked Sid to save her. Paras and Sana argues with each other.

Day 133; At 8 AM; Housemates wakes at the beat of song.

At 9:45 AM; Shehnaz and Sid talks with each other. Shehnaz says she wants to leave as she doesn’t want to see anyone’s face. Sid asks her if she thinks about him too. Sana says yes and asks him not to give any moral support. Further, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty enters the house and meets the contestants. She asks all the 7 contestants to dance. Shilpa meets and greets the contestants. She talks with them and congratulates all the contestants for becoming the top 7 contestants of Bigg Boss 13. Further, Shilpa teaches Yoga to the present contestants.

Afterwards, Shilpa shares her journey of Bigg Boss. She praises Bigg Boss 13 contestants for making the season hit. She asks contestants to share about their best memories of the house. Mahira gets teary while sharing her memories. Shilpa hugs her. One by one Sid, Asim, Paras, Rashmi and others shares their memories.

Shilpa asks contestants to give something as the memory to their friend and she captures the moment. (Episode Ends)

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