Bigg Boss 13 8th October 2019 Written Update: Fight between Rashmi Desai and Siddharth Shukala goes ugly! Check out more

Today’s episode starts with Day 9, Kohena saying to Daljeet  she is not feeling sad because she is nominated but she is having problem with the ones who was enjoying sitting out. Ahead, Shehnaz talks with Siddharth Dey, Shefali, Siddharth Shukala talks with each other. Rashmi trying to clarify why she was laughing but Kohena didn’t get convinced by Rashmi. Devoleena supports Rashmi.

Bigg Boss asks housemates that from now they can choose their bed partners. Everyone discuss about changing their partners. Further, Kohena, Shefali and Siddharth Dey discuss about nomination task.

At 10:15 PM, shehnaz acts like Kohena and entertains the housemates. Next, Paras and Shehnaz talks with each other.

Day 10, At 10:30 AM, housemates wakes up at the beat of (Nagada song). At 11:45, Devoleena, Siddharth Shukala, Abu Malik and Asim discuss about the food. Devoleena gets angry.

Later, Siddharth and Paras argues over the food. Devoleena, Kohena, Mahira joins the argument. Afterwards, Mahira and Shehnaz get an argument.

At 2:30 PM, Shehnaz complains for making thick chapatti. Siddharth ask Devolena why she is reacting today so much. Devoleena says because everyone is coming and demanding they want this and that to eat. Further, Rashmi and Siddharth do a heated argument. Kohena supports Rashmi and Devoleena.

Kohena talks with Rashmi and says Siddharth don’t have manners and he is very arrogant. Rashmi agrees. Siddharth comes and says they don’t need to tell others who he is.

At the kitchen again Siddharth and Rashmi do argument and Siddharth fights with Rashmi. Next, Aarti reads instructions of queen task. At 4:30 PM, Abu and Siddharth think to make Shehnaz queen. There, Paras and Dey discuss whom they will free. Meanwhile, drum rolls and Siddharth Shukala gets the key. He asks Devoleena to come out.

Devoleena takes Shefali’s name pot and throws it in the pool. Day 10, At 6pm; Daljeet and Shehnaz talks with each other. Drum rolls again, Paras gets the key and he ask Daljeet to come out. Daljeet takes out Shehnaz’s name pot and throws it in the pool. Shefali says Paras is playing game, he could have convinced Daljeet but he didn’t.

Episode Ends with Paras asking Shefali not to provoke Shehnaz against him. Shefali says she is not provoking her, just keeping her point of view because she felt bad for Shehnaz. Paras says is she alone in the house who is feeling bad for Shehnaz.

Precap: Aarti ask Siddharth why he got angry on Rashmi. Here, Shehnaz says if she is heartbroken than she won’t let anyone happy and throws someone’s name pot in the pool.